Mamata Banerjee
Mamata BanerjeeTwitter/Mamata Banerjee official handle

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was trolled after she extended her support to Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar when CBI officers went to question him over two Ponzi scams.

Rajeev Kumar led a Special Investigation Team to probe the scams and the CBI officials wanted to quiz him with regard to missing files. The CBI team went to his residence at Loudon Street in Kolkata on Sunday. They were not only denied permission, but also detained and whisked to the police station.

Later, Mamata Banerjee sat on a dharna to protest against CBI's attempt. She took to Twitter to describe this act like the worst political vendetta by top BJP leadership.

The West Bengal Chief Minister tweeted, "The highest levels of the BJP leadership are doing the worst kind of political vendetta. Not only are political parties their targets, they are misusing power to take control of the police and destroy all institutions. We condemn this."

Mamata Banerjee said that Rajeev Kumar is the best police officer in the world. She added, "The Kolkata Police Commissioner is among the best in the world. His integrity, bravery and honesty are unquestioned. He is working 24x7 and was on leave for only one day recently. When you spread lies, the lies will always remain lies."

However, Mamata Banerjee's Twitter comments received mixed reactions from netizens, but a maximum of them condemned the Chief Minister saying that she is the one, who is disrespecting the Constitution. They asked her if he is clean, why can't he face the CBI team? Here are some of their comments.

Abhisek banerjee‏ @AbhisekBb

If he's undoubtedly the honest then why he's skipping CBI enquiries. He should appear and clear all doubts.

Dipankar‏ @DMukherjee87

If he really brave, if he innocent, if he don't telling lies then why he fears to face CBI?

Vikrant‏ @PajamaPun

He saved you in chit fund scam. Obviously he is great according to you.

Sharod Subhra Khan‏ @khan_subhra

Stop this unconstitutional protest ur disobeying the Supreme Court ordered investigation

Himanshu Harne‏ @HimanshuHarne

Madam then let CBI do there duty if your officer is pure and honest then you don't need to worry


Oh you are giving certificate, then no one dare to question on him. If any one question then Democracy will be in Danger.

Kuldeep Srivastava‏ @skuldeeps

Shameful act by Mamta ..why can't you allow CBI to do its work? Don't run parallel govt.

प्रकाश‏ @prakashSriv

He is world best police officer Then why hiding like thief something wrong with him or you or both because chor ki dadhi me tinka

Lavanya ಲಾವಣ್ಯ লাৱণ্যা‏ @TheSignOfFive

You, your state, and the officials under you who are ruling that state, are still a part of the Union of India and governed by Indian laws. You can create a truckload of diversions with your graceless, shrill drama, but you can't rewrite the laws of the Union.

Equal Rights (सत्यसाधक)‏ @RituRathaur

If he is clean then why has he been dodging Investigation? Who are you to decide if he is innocent or not? And shame on you for man handling and humiliating federal officers #MamataBlocksCBI

Rajarshi‏ @Rajo1801

if there has been no wrongdoing, what are you afraid of? Let #CBI work uninterrupted.

Sushil Patni‏ @patnisushil

If it's coming from you @MamataOfficial , it means full are the chances of its being a "LIE". You counted qualities of the officer, if he is so good then why not just go ahead of investigation which is Progressing as per #IndianCourt? Your behavior says it all. #ChorMachayeShor

Diptangshu‏ @DiptangshuSarka

If Kolkata has the best in the world. Yet you are afraid of an investigation. If there's nothing to hide then let the investigation proceed didi.

Sunita Sharma‏ @tasharmapuri

What a *beep* this creature is. You'll receive double the amount of dirt, I'm sure.

MDas‏ @Mdasmumbai

He may be the best. But you chose him for the post is a black mark

Shrikant‏ @shrikantdhar

Here federal structure getting destroyed .....Mam you are setting wrong trend and also centre should co-ordinate properly

Prakash N.G.M‏ @P_N_G_M

Your state police is interrupting CBI officers and arresting them in the middle of an investigation?? And you say 'save democracy from @narendramodi ji???