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Comedian and YouTuber Mallika Dua recently called out singer Sona Mohapatra reminding her about a 48-year-old documentary filmmaker from Kolkata named Arghya Basu who had committed suicide after he was accused of sexual harassment by the singer's friend Nishtha Jain, a filmmaker, producer, FTII graduate and former faculty member, who directed the National Award-winning documentary Gulabi Gang. Before committing suicide, Basu had denied the allegations in the MeToo movement wave in October last year.

"Hey @sonamohapatra, missing your toxic activism regarding the suicide of Arghya Basu. Accused of harassment by your bff Nishtha Jain last year. Your two bits are conveniently missing. Please oblige in your characteristic uncouth style," Mallika Dua tweeted.

In another tweet, Mallika further wrote, "She calls herself a feminist and refers to me as my dads daughter and starts whining when I call her her husband's wife. Boo hoo little bully, life ain't fair. Or in this case it is."

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Mallika's tweet calling out Sona questioning about feminism came soon after the singer referred to the comedian as her dad's daughter rather than calling her by her name.

In response to Mallika's tweets, Sona has now shot back at her real hard in a long Facebook post telling the comedian that 'Your feminism of convenience isn't fooling anyone.'

For the uninitiated, Mallika's father and veteran journalist Vinod Dua has also been accused of sexual harassment by the same woman Nishtha Jain. Post the allegations against Vinod Dua, Mallika, who has been a firm supporter of the MeToo movement and the survivors, had said that she "stands by" her father in the battle.

Lambasting Mallika for her unwelcoming statements, Sona tried to expose the comedian's double standards in her Facebook post. Read her full post here.

"So Ms Dua, internet comedienne & daughter of Vinod Dua, journalist, powerful media person & power broker finally unblocked me on twitter to say this. (Screenshots)

I don't know the said person who took his life personally but know many people who know that he had been battling alcoholism & loss of work & many projects therefore & for many many years, apart from a disturbed personal life.

That he took his life is nothing to do with MeToo & if at all, only indication of his own guilt? So who is supposed to feel guilty? The victims? Me ? The movement? Why ?

I have only this to say to this spoilt entitled privileged brat of a daddy's lil Mallika girl..

'You called out, abused & spewed angry rants about several men accused who are also somebody else's daddy, all until your daddy was also called out in IndiaMeToo by a much feted filmmaker & acclaimed professional, Nishtha Jain & then subsequently even other women, all of whom had nothing to gain. None of us have gained anything, if anything we've lost work & have been punished for standing up while most of the accused have been rehabilitated & even feted.

Your values & belief systems need a check Ms Dua. Your feminism of convenience isn't fooling anyone.'

Also, regarding your second tweet I have this to say,

-I am not bringing up your Mom or Sister or Chacha in this conversation. Dad only because u choose to defend his perverted past & write in to me. So saying Ram Sampath, low brow.

- Your 40 pages (Please share with public cus nobody has seen this) counts for zilch. Even Alok Nath has legally strong-armed the case of Vinta Nanda. Doesn't make him right."

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