Director Veeru's movie "Malini & Co", which marks the debut of Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey in Tollywood, has garnered negative reviews from film critics.

"Malini & Co" is a romance-action entertainer, which is high on glamour quotient. Written by Veeru K, the movie has been simultaneously shot and released in Telugu and Hindi. Set in the backdrop of terrorism, the film revolves around a Malayali masseuse Hema Malini (Poonam Pandey), who runs a massage parlour at Dharavi in Mumbai.

Critics say that "Malini & Co" has a wonderful concept, but the director has failed to execute it. Poonam Pandey's skin show and good production values are big attractions of the film, which gets an average rating of 1.45 out of 5 stars.

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The Times of India Ratings: 1

The only saving grace in this film are the production values which aren't as bad as the rest of the film. Moreover, the film does stand above the rest visually. But there are too many songs. To lay it on the line, this film sets a new benchmark in the worst film category. You could give this a miss.

IndiaGlitz Ratings: 2.5

It's Poonam's film all the way, because it is she who is over-indulged than anyone else, much to the exclusion of others. She shows spark in the get-up of a rebellious militant. The technical aspects needed to be nimble in order to reach a wider audience, especially given the genre. Verdict: A plot with good potential treated in such a way as to impress the non-discerning. Ratings: 2.25

Malini & Co is a film which lacks proper execution. The proceedings are quite confusing and do not gel with Poonam Pandey's sensuous avatar. Except for her skin show, this film has absolutely nothing to offer and will be liked only in certain B and C centers.

Now Running Ratings: 0.5

Malini&Co is a dreadfully made C grade attempt to sell Poonam Pandey's glamour. Even the director failed to do that well. It is only the product of some desi masala lovers. Others do not even think of watching it!

AP Today Ratings: 1

'Malini & Co.' is a film for the front benchers. Even these section of audience will find it horrible while watching if they expect anything other than Poonam Pandey's skin show. Don't expect this poorly crafted flick to become success...!