Director Kabir Khan's Bollywood movie "Phantom", which stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles, has garnered positive reactions from the audience across the globe.

"Phantom" is an action film that deals with the aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. This political thriller revolves around the story of a tainted soldier, Daniyal Singh (Saif Ali Khan), who sets out on deadly mission that takes him from India to Europe, America and the Middle East. How he, along with an ex-RAW agent Nawaz (Katrina Kaif), completes the mission forms the crux of the story.

The viewers, who have watched the film, say that "Phantom" has an interesting story that fits its tagline. The movie has rich production values and brilliant performances by Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif and others. It is must-watch film for all Indians, add some film-goers.

Here is the live update of "Phantom" movie review by audience:

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

Kabir Khan's #Phantom is a fast paced action extravaganza with a realistic backdrop.It zips like a bullet n there's a never a dull moment!! #Phantom isn't anti-Pakistan its anti-terrorism.It also humanely delves in2 aspects how #Pakistan is 1 of the biggest victims of terrorism. .#Phantom is v diff 4m the book #MumbaiAvengers 4 there were 6 commandos in d book n in the film there r only Saif n Katrina... #Phantom comes straight to the point n at times there's a zig-zag narrative that makes it even more interesting.Writing is 1st class!! Kabir must hav delibratd a long while b4 comin up wid d final narrative.He hits at d root cause of terrorism n NOT d common folks! Saif has delivered 1 of his finest performances.Ruthless,focussed,clinical,precise,no nonsense with a tinge of sense of humor too Katrina is a total surprise.She displays a lot of gumption in tackling complex action sequences.She displays remrkble sensitvity 2 Aseem Mishra's spellbinding camera work is 1 of the big high points of #Phantom hand held, rocky n excellent compositions n color tones.Wow! Without a doubt #Phantom is Kabir's best film.He's focussed,there's no item song 2 cater 2 fan-demands,he takes a bold (yet) Balanced stand! If U want to feel proud of #Indian cinema n enjoy an outstanding cinematic experience with the backdrop of dark realism,don't miss #Phantom

Rajat Arora ‏@rajatsaroraa

#Phantom Thrilling from the first frame. BGM, writing, edit, camera, performances all stellar! Enjoyed every bit from the edge of my seat!

Kaushik LM ‏@Lmkmoviemaniac

#Phantom - Hardcore anti-terrorism film taking place across countries. No songs yet. 1st half done. Very well made. Treat for serious buffs #Phantom - Dir #KabirKhan is back in the Newyork, EkThaTiger space but with more action and no entertaining compromises. So far so good.

Vishal ‏@Vnd1200

#Phantom review: its a good movie and a one time watch..will go for 3 star #Phantom saif has done good job..Katrina was okkk..and kabir direction was good #Phantom hats off to kabir to make these type of movie..these year its belong to #kabirkhan #Phantom another khan I mean saif has given full justice to his role..good going saif more to come from you

Sanil Gosavi ‏@SanilGosavi

#Phantom Is undoubtedly one of the best films this year. Can't comprehend the talent @kabirkhankk. Two back to back blockbusters Outstanding

#PhantomDay ‏@KatrinaMyBae

Kabir khan is on a mission to make great movies! And #Phantom is another masterpiece by him. Best movie of this year OMG Katrina acting skills is damn high in #Phantom specially in emotional scenes and climax she just stole my heart again! Her best performance so far!!!! Loved her in Nawaz Mistry's character.She was so perfect in her role and did full justice with it Saif too did a amazing job. He was so good as Daniyal khan. Climax was so emotional. Me and my friends were crying in end! Another blockbuster coming guys! #Phantom is a masterpiece! Such a great great movie. Proud of Katrina for doing movie like #Phantom. A must watch for all Indians!!

Lalit Singh Pawar ‏@lalitpawar

Just now saw #phantom a fabulous fast paced thriller from @kabirkhankk arguably the best war film maker India has ever produced. The only problem with #phantom is that it's a fictional story. The final statement on screen abt 26/11 perpetrators jolts u back to reality

Shubham Gaur ‏@kavipandit

If you r comparing #phantom with d book then don't cz its very crisp, edgy nd contemporarily theatrical. I so wish that this would be true. #phantom I enjoyed #zeeshanayub nd #saifalikhan performances nd #kabirkhan proved once agn tat nobody directs a action film better then him #phantom brilliantly cast, adventurously shot, treatment was worth watching, camera was so fine, chopped nicely as well. #phantom #afghanjalebi ne to feel dedi hai boss. This is on loop. Music is gooooooooddd

Why So Serious! ‏@surrealzakir

Simple n straight scenario #Baby Kabir khan style.... started off well have to see how diff it will be from baby. Dude this shit is intense from the start. Phantom #Intermisson - Too Gud So far.... Dont even dare to blink ur eyes. Second half Dips a bit more emotions more reasoning more tears - Awesome Climax #Phantom is Very gud watch - 3.5/5 - Perfect Crowd Pleaser.

Ajay Nair ‏@ajaynair79

#Phantom zooms past till interval and is quite entertaining till now...To the point and gripping... #Phantom...Kabir Khan hits a sixer out of the stadium in one of the better vigilante fantasy films in recent times...Thoroughly enjoyable...

Denzil Smith ‏@DenzilLSmith

#Phantom is a riveting, slick and proudly nationalisitic film you must see. @kabirkhankk the mastercraftman has done it again.@jaavedjaaferi

Gotu ‏@amitjiit128

#Phantom @kabirkhankk is the best. Awesome movie.Katrina is the ultimate beauty.Saif rocks.In love with katrina again #Phantom @kabirkhankk u bring out the best in Katrina . In love with Afgaan Jalebi.

Shikha Singhi ‏@s_h_i_k_h_a

Thoroughly enjoyed the slickness and the fast-unfolding plot of #Phantom. Go watch it!

Vijay deshpande ‏@FreebirdVijay

#phantom saw phantom yesterday. A sure shot hit. Great movie...

Akshat Dave ‏@akshatjdave

Just watched #Phantom I must say after series of dull films, this will be #SaifAliKhan's ladder to rise high. While uneven pace in the first half makes #Phantom bit dull, second half will not let you move from your seat #SaifAliKhan #KatrinaKaif like it's tagline says, the story you wish were true. I Truly believe that. #Phantom absolutely thrilling #Phantom is a must watch for every indian. A story you wish were true of course, #Phantom has its share of errors, but still, it's surely watchable and second half is surely as thrilling as any #EPL climax

Karthik ‏@kjagadeesan93

#Phantom @kabirkhankk gud fast paced movie.gud wrk by saif.really felt like it shld have been true.all in all gud1,1 time watch def

Aksheev Thakur ‏@aksheevthakur

#phantom is no nonsense. full covert ops.

Amit Dadhich ‏@amit12354

#FilmyFriday #Review #Phantom has a promising concept & indeed you wish the story was true but sadly the film failed to engage me for long #SaifAliKhan was definitely a miscast in the film, sadly even #KatrinaKaif didn't had much to do. its @actorzee who is impressive, performs out of his skin & most imp not playing a U.P/Dilliwala Character I really wished the film to be great, after all the premise of the film was so good but sadly no (2.5/5)

Kaid Johar ‏@KJoharr

#Phantom Mix of Ek Tha Tiger, Agent Vinod & Bang Bang!! A good one time watch! Decent flick!!

Bollywood ‏@BollywoodROUTE

#Phantom Review: Its an fantastic edge of the seat thriller..BIG salute to @kabirkhankk who brings back Saif with a BANG- Must watch - 4*/5*

Elkay ‏@elkay14

Let me sum it up in 1 word ,#Phantom is a well directd film by #KabirKhan @kabirkhankk u have done a Gr8 job , don't miss this movie friends

Devesh Kumar ‏@devezk

#Phantom is lame. Full of b'wood cliches, bad dialogues & no attention to detail. Dint expected that from Kabir Khan after #BajrangiBhaijaan So wanted a saif ali khan movie to do good. But #Phantom is not that. Credits to bad writing.