The critics review of Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer "Phantom" is already out and going with that one can say that it's worth a watch. The action drama "Phantom" directed by Kabir Khan has received positive to mixed reviews from critics ahead of its worldwide release.

Some of the critics have called it an interesting thriller, while some have panned it saying that it's a boring film. However, the overall review is above average.

Starring Saif and Katrina, "Phantom" deals with global terrorism based on the book Mumbai Avengers by Hussain Zaidi.

Read the reviews below:

Gulf News critic Manjari Saxena said that the film is a fast paced, but it is an interesting thriller.

"Even though the protagonists fall in love, the good thing about the film is that it avoids degenerating into a romance with unnecessary displays of love and meaningless songs — though Arijit Singh's Saware at the end of the film is a good listen. Even the one wedding song was made an essential part of the mission. The action and thrills stay right through to the end," she added.

The Huffington Post critic Suprateek Chatterjee said that there is no logic in Kabir Khan's directorial film.

"The film's lapses in logic, bad performances, and simplistic understanding of world politics had left me in a stupor," he added.

The Times of India critic Meena Iyer said: "As cinema, this thriller is over-simplified, though the gloss adds to the large-screen appeal. Saif is adept; Kat is pretty appealing (pun on the pretty because her make-up is intact even in the battlefield). Zeeshan and his jingoism in the climax gives you that proud-India moment."

Deepanjana Pal of Firstpost said that Saif-Katrina starrer is a super boring film.

"Considering how Phantom cheerfully borrows from real life and makes no bones about ISI being in cahoots with Lashkar-e-Taiba, it isn't surprising that the film isn't being shown in Pakistan. However, considering just how much of a bore Phantom is, for once the Pakistani courts may just have done our neighbours a favour," she added.

Shubha Shetty-Saha of Mid-Day said: "Watch this film. Flaws aside, it talks of a real concern facing all of us, even while taking a flight of fantasy."

Bindu Rai of Emirates 24/7 said: "The film doesn't lose pace along the way, flitting from one adventure to another in a series of jumps and leapfrogs that rescues its premise from one big misadventure."

Lokesh Dharmani of said: "I wish the film engaged me a bit more. 26/11 attacks enraged the entire nation. It made us feel vulnerable. A film that deals with it should stir my patriotic sentiments. I should be able to empathise. Alas, it felt like a decent film on anti-terrorism, something that I have already seen before."