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An unauthorised photograph that provides a rare glimpse into the personal side of US President Barack Obama's daughter, Malia Obama, has sent the internet into a frenzy.

In the photograph, which has been circulating online since the weekend, one can see the 16-year-old first daughter wearing a 'Pro Era' printed t-shirt and tying her hair into a loose pony tail. The popularity of the Brooklyn rap group has reached a whole new level as it now has a fan in the White House too.

The group posted the picture of Malia Obama on Instagram on 5 January with the caption: "Malia Obama rocking that classic Pro Era tee!"

The White House has been very careful about the first daughters, Malia and her 14-year-old sister Sasha's, public appearances. It has disapproved of any picture published or posted of the two teenagers when they are not accompanied by the President or the First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an apparent disapproval of the picture, the White House refrained from commenting on the matter.

According to WCVB, spokesman for Pro Era Bradley Bledsoe said, "The group received the photo from a mutual friend of Pro Era and Malia, and the photo is real." He further said that the White House had not contacted any member or anyone related to Pro Era as yet.

It is still not known as to who took the picture and how it actually ended up going viral on the internet.

Over the past few months, public's interest in the First Daughters has grown considerably as the Obama sisters started showing more sides to their personality. In August, a selfie of Malia at a 'Chance the Rapper' show at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago surfaced online, gathering scores of comments.

Malia and Sasha were criticised around Thanksgiving for apparently displaying 'wrong' conduct during the White House turkey pardoning ceremony. The government official had to apologise for the comment. Elizabeth Lauten, now-former Republican Congressional aide, resigned post her comment.

After this, Malia found herself at the centre of a couple of controversies like a picture of her wearing tight jeans went viral and the most degrading being the pregnancy hoax. Things were quite during the Holiday season, but the peace is over now!