The teaser of much-awaited Telugu movie Majili has received positive reviews and the chemistry between Naya Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni has doubled expectations and excitement for its release.

Directed by Shiva Nirvana, Majili is the most-talked-about Telugu romance drama. The reason for the huge hype is that it is the fourth movie of Naya Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni together.

It is also the first release of ChaySam after their marriage. It is set to hit the screens on April 5. Sam announced on Wednesday that its teaser would be released on February 14 as Valentine's Day treat.

Shine Screens, which has bankrolled Majili, released its teaser on its official YouTube channel together. Naya Chaitanya tweeted its link and wrote, "There is love.There is pain. in life whatever it may be it's the experiences that keep you progressing.. #MajiliTeaser happy Valentine's Day everyday to all you beautiful ladies out there #Majili @Samanthaprabhu2 @ShivaNirvana @Shine_Screens @divyanshak10."

The teaser of Majili, which offers a glimpse at its story, shows that the movie is a roller-coaster of emotions. It is an intense drama that revolves around the story of a cricketer (Naga Chaitanya), who has a tough time in the field as well as personal life. Apart from his failure on the cricket field, the movie chronicles his love life with Divyansha Kaushik and his married life with Samantha Akkineni.


The teaser of Majili shows that Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Akkineni and Divyansha Kaushik have given their best and their facial expressions and chemistry are going to be the highlights of the movie. Besides, beautiful setups, amazing camera angles and stunning background score will be the attractions on the technical front.

Most of the film goers, who watched the teaser of Majili, are bowled over by the first look video and they say that they can't wait for its release in the cinema halls till April 5. Some of them took to Twitter to share their review on the teaser. Here is their response.

Sravanti‏ @sravi_sam

Why I loved #MajiliTeaser is 1. The team put a kiss scene b/n Chay and the other actress in a film where his wife is also acting so people shut up and understand films are films.. personal life is personal life. @Samanthaprabhu2 @chay_akkineni 2. Secondly, I literally loved how different @Samanthaprabhu2 and @chay_akkineni 's roles were compared to their other films. Don't you think these both are so freaking serious about their careers to not do something that they've done earlier? Now that's a sexy team work! Why do you guys keep stealing hearts always?? @Samanthaprabhu2 and @chay_akkineni I freaking adore you guys as a couple like none others. The teaser is beyond beautiful!! #MajiliTeaser

Pranita Jonnalagedda @PranitaRavi

I loved them as a couple in #YeMaayaChesave and #Manam. And it looks like this time it will be another in the list. At least I hope :) loving the #MajiliTeaser

Prem Kumar‏ @prem_samfan

After marriage wr r all waited for ur combo very much... This is worth the waiting.. Thanku @ShivaNirvana sammmmmmmmm u r just zing zing amazing..Chay will the show stealer for sure this time.. #Majili #MajiliTeaser cant wait to watch the journey from april5❤️

Mallika Mylavarapu @iam_mallika

#MajiliTeaser it isn't age old love story. Looks unique, matured and real. With @Samanthaprabhu2 and @chay_akkineni in it, it looks terrific. The story between these two isn't something I expected. You both Intense love

BennySpeaks‏ @benny_speaks

A perfect valentine's day teaser from team #Majili It's pure Bliss to watch this pair together onscreen once again @chay_akkineni @Samanthaprabhu2 #ChaySam❤️

Mallika Mylavarapu‏ @iam_mallika

#MajiliTeaser Love stories always stop with a wedding scene. Real love begins with a marriage. Effort that the couple put in to stick to each other no matter what.. Finally a movie that shows the real life. Tailor made roles for @Samanthaprabhu2 @chay_akkineni ... Cannot wait

90's Kid‏ @JaraganiKatha

Impressive trailer cut! Looks like an emotional intense film. Hope Shiva will handle the second half better than his first one. #ChaySam will win the hearts this time with #Majili. There is love! There is pain!

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#MajiliTeaser : Good response to the teaser all over. Chemistry between @chay_akkineni and @Samanthaprabhu2 is good as always but the most talked about are the dialogues in the teaser