Thanks to U.S President Donald Trump's tweet about mail-in voting, the hashtag 'rigged election' is trending globally. But the only problem here is that veery few are buying his arguments.

Trump, in his tweet, had said, "Main-in voting, unless changed by the courts, will lead to the most CORRUPT ELECTION in our Nation's History! (hashtag)RIGGEDELECTION". Now Americans just won't take his argument at face value.

"America has had mail-in voting since the Civil War, you ignorant conspiracy theorist! There have been 31 cases of voter fraud out of 10,000,000 votes cast in the last 2 elections. NICE TRY! You will not suppress our votes!" writes Krassenstein.

Trump tweets Rigged Elections, America says nope
Trump tweets "Rigged Elections" due to mail-in voting; America says nopeIBT

"This tweet is yet another effort by the most corrupt president in American history - Donald Trump - to suppress the vote in the November presidential election. Trump's relentless effort to malign mail-in voting is atrocious & unacceptable," feels Murray from NYC.

"Mail-In Voting is the exact same thing as Absentee Ballots which Trump and his entire family uses. Everyone should be able to use Mail-In Voting this November to protect themselves and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, which will only get worse as winter approaches," writes Eugene Gu.

She further adds, "Mail-In Voting will not lead to a rigged election. It will allow more Americans to participate in our democracy and have their voices heard. Trump wants to suppress the votes of minorities because he can only win by cheating. But we the American people will not stand for it."

"Mail-in voting and absentee balloting are the same thing. The entire military votes by mail. So does your derang*d president. Voting by mail works the same as in-person voting: your signature is checked against records. if no match, then no vote. Ergo no fraud," feels Jeff Tiedrich.

But Trump's family used mail-in voting

Here's a list of few Trump officials (and he, himself) who apparently have used mail-in to cast their votes:

1. Trump
2. Pence
3. Ivanka
4. Jared
5. Melania Trump
6. Kayleigh McEnany
7. Bill Stepien
8. Brad Parscale
9. Sec Alex Azar
10. Sec Wilbur Ross
11. Sec Betsy DeVos
12. Ronna McDaniel
13. Kellyanne Conway
14. Michael Glassner
15 Nick Ayers

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