The trailer of Vamsi Paidipally's movie Maharshi starring Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde and Allari Naresh has got good reviews. The viewers say that the film is going to be a perfect blend of class and mass elements.

The makers of Maharshi earlier released posters, stills, teaser and songs, which impressed the audience who were eagerly waiting for the release of its trailer. They unleashed the much-awaited trailer on YouTube on Wednesday night. It was an instant hit with the viewers and went viral. Besides trending at top on YouTube, this video has registered around 7 million views in less than 20 hours.

The trailer of Maharshi offers a clear idea of its story. Rishi is an aggressive person who headed to the US after completing his studies and became a millionaire businessman. He then returns to his homeland, where he becomes the champion of the downtrodden and the poor farmers. What makes him comeback to India is the crux of the story.

In the trailer, Mahesh Babu appears in multiple getups like student, millionaire businessman and farmer. These looks, his action and dialogue delivery are going to be the highlights of Maharshi. Pooja Hegde and Allari Naresh have also got good scope and their portions with Mahesh will be the attractions.

According to the trailer, Maharshi has brilliant production values. Songs, background score, action picturisation and beautiful locales make it a visual treat for the family audience this summer season.

The trailer of Maharshi has not only struck a chord with the film goers and critics, but also doubled up their curiosity. Several of them took to Twitter to share their reviews on the videos and here some of the response.

Raghu Nandan Reddy‏ @Ragsblr

#MaharshiTrailer is visually stunning & the best thing that happened to Team #Maharshi. Can't wait to see the film next Thursday Superstar @urstrulyMahesh at his usual best

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#MaharshiTrailer has perfect blend of class and mass elements. The plot deals with farm distress! Or it seems!

Mallika Mylavarapu‏ @iam_mallika

Every frame is so classy. Looks rich in terms of camera work. Great cast. @urstrulyMahesh look maatram highlight #Maharshi

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Amazing trailer.. looks like a sure shot winner.. Good content with superb Visuals..@urstrulyMahesh rocks.✌️ #MaharshiTrailer

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac

As a youthful college student, a super successful businessman and a farmer - @urstrulyMahesh having many shades in #Maharshi.. Loved his ferocious, massy action scenes towards the end of the #MaharshiTrailer.. Ram - Laxman trademark #SSMB25

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#MaharshiTrailer : Perfect entertainer for summer. Very entertaining trailer with right mix of everything. Vey Good Looks like the bromance between Mahesh and Naresh is the highlight of the movie apart from father and son sequences He is arriving to rule the world

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Superstar @urstrulyMahesh 's #MaharshiTrailer has both Class and Mass.. Story looks interesting.. With #SSMB adding his own unique touch.. Looking forward to May 9th! @hegdepooja

Anil Reddy‏ @Anil__10

The best part of #MaharshiTrailer is cinematography. The visuals are stunning and top notch

Prakash‏ @ThePrakashraj7

#MaharshiTrailer Trending at #1 on YouTube !!! A Success Man of The Story Superstar Looking Like Different style on Trailer @ThisIsDSP BGMThanks for Making our Superstar Different roles @directorvamshi Eagerly waiting to Watch Student & CEO & Farmer = Success RISHI Story