Mahesh Babu in Maharshi
Mahesh Babu in MaharshiTwitter

The fourth song Padara Padara from superstar Mahesh Babu's Maharshi has struck a chord with the audience, who have fallen in love with Srimani's lyrics and Shankar Mahadevan's vocals.

The first three songs of Maharshi have received a good response from the music lovers, who were eagerly waiting for the release of its fourth song. Aditya Music, which has bought its audio rights, released the soundtrack Padara Padara on YouTube channels on Wednesday. It has become an instant hit with the audience and started trending on YouTube and other social media channels.

Srimani has penned excellent lyrics for the song Padara Padara, which are sure to give Goosebumps to listeners. Singer Shankar Mahadevan has given life with his vocals and Devi Sri Prasad's music is also good. This soundtrack has impressed everyone. In fact, the audience, who did not like the first three songs of Maharshi, have fallen in love with this one. Here is what they shared on Twitter.

Mahesh Babu in Maharshi
Mahesh Babu in MaharshiTwitter

Prashanth PSV‏ @PSV_Prashanth

This song redefines the entire soul of #Maharshi @ShreeLyricist hits d bullyeye with his Theme lyrics potraying d character of #RISHI at the end @shanakar_live U r d life for dis song sir @ThisIsDSP Hits d ball out of d court with dis one song Cant wait to see dis song

Shreyas Sriniwaas‏ @shreyasmedia

Mesmerizing handsomeness of @MaheshBabu, deadly lyrics by #Shreemani, impeccable vocals by @ShankarMahadevan and an astounding composition by @dsp . High motivation feeling guaranteed whenever you listen to #padarapadara from #Maharshi

Khadar vali‏ @kaddu72

Kummesaaru kada andaru kalisi.... @ShreeLyricist you are the next @ramjowrites with just this song. #PadaraPadara killed totally and that inspirational and rhyming lyrics are outstanding bro. @ThisIsDSP anna another vachadayyo saami type song ichav

Kranthinadh NK‏ @connecting_k

#PadaraPadara Another BLOCKBUSTER song from @urstrulyMahesh Career @Shankar_Live (+) @urstrulyMahesh = Racha Combo AnteY ♥️ Can't wait to see #PadaraPadara On Sliver Screen's @ShreeLyricist Sir Really Heart Warming Song @directorvamshi @ThisIsDSP @SVC_official

Rakesh Reddy™‏ @rakeshmahesh007

India is an Agriculture Country.#PadaraPadara Excellent song by @Shankar_Live & magical music by our @ThisIsDSP this song is giving a nice message for our Country , Proud to be a #Farmer @urstrulyMahesh @directorvamshi

Ashfaq‏ @urstrulyashfaq

After 3 disappointed we got our stuff what we want thankyou @ThisIsDSP sir such a high music Tq @ShreeLyricist sir what a goosebumps lyrics ad finally our @directorvamshi hatsoff sir for the theme #PadaraPadara this song remains for long long

SSMB freak‏ @ursarvindnaani

After listening to #PadaraPadara Goosebumps is a small word.. @ThisIsDSP 's wonderful composition @ShreeLyricist lyrics ✍✍ #Maharshi

Naveen SaiKumar‏ @Nani19211121

And This Lyrics At the End #PadaraPadara Will Undoubtedly Raise The Goosebumps In Everyone @Shankar_Live Sir Hats Off ❤️ @ShreeLyricist Anna Awesome Meeru @ThisIsDSP Anna You Are 1, Always Number1

San.‏ @Sanlyf_

@ShreeLyricist + @Shankar_Live + @ThisIsDSP Combo adhurs... Another life time song for both Mahesh & DSP.... thank you all for this great song Special mention : Lyrics !! #PadaraPadara

Mahesh Babu World‏ @SSMBWorld

No words to describethe awesomenessof this song❤️❤️ @urstrulyMahesh screen presence is pure bliss to watch Besttttttttttt music from @ThisIsDSP garu love u boss @ThisIsDSP tnx for this wonderful song #PadaraPadara