Movies blended with sensuality and lust have a huge fan following in all nooks of the world. As OTT platforms gain popularity in countries like India, audiences have the opportunity to enjoy sensually hot movies made in other countries. 

International Business Times presents you with the list of five sensually hot movies that can be watched on OTT platforms. 

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Madame Claude

Madame Claude cannot be considered as a mere erotic movie. It is basically a biographical drama created and released by Netflix about the French brothel-keeper Madame Claude. Directed by Sylvie Verheyde, the film stars Karole Rocher in the title role. 

The film has a handful of steamy scenes, and it will take audiences to a new world of lust and pleasure. Madame Claude showcases the story of a brothel owner who has a huge influence on politicians and underworld dons. However, things take a new turn when an affluent young woman threatens to shatter everything. 


Striptease might have received negative reviews from audiences and critics, but the film is worth a watch for the performance of Demi Moore. Directed by Andrew Bergman, this film had won several Raspberry awards upon its release, but for sensual movie lovers, this movie will be undoubtedly a real treat. 

Apart from Demi Moore, the film also stars Ving Rhames, Robert Patrick, and Burt Reynolds in other crucial roles. The film portrays the story of an FBI secretary-turned-stripper who gets involved in corrupt politics. Striptease is currently available on Amazon Prime Video

Fifty Shades of Grey

The list of erotic movies will be incomplete without Fifty Shades of Grey, which is considered as an uncrowned king among sensual flicks. Even though released in 2015, the film still has a huge fan following, and it could be one of the main reasons why Netflix still keeps it in their library. 

Sam Taylor-Johnson has directed this movie, and it stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the lead roles. This film is loaded with several hot scenes capable of tickling the romantic chord of audiences. 

Duck Butter

Even though labeled as an experimental comedy movie, Duck Butter has its fair share of intimate scenes. Directed by Miguel Arteta, and it revolves around the story of two women who make a pact to spend 24 uninterrupted hours together and end up having sex. 

Duck Butter stars Shawkat, Laia Costa, Mae Whitman, Hong Chau, and Kate Berlant in the lead roles. The film is available for streaming on Netflix. 

Elisa and Marcela

Elisa and Marcela could be one of the best erotic films currently available on Netflix for Indian viewers. Starring Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández, this film revolves around the life of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, two women who posed as a heterosexual couple to marry each other. 

Even though shot in black and white, this 2019 movie is capable to bring colors to the life of the viewers. The film can be watched on Netflix