Mollywood is now the most sought-after industry in India, and Malayalam filmmakers have been delivering some classic flicks in recent years. The recent addition to this list is Kuruthi, directed by  Manu Warrier. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Murali Gopy, Mamukkoya, Shine Tom Chacko, and Srindaa in the lead roles, this film is all about the basic violent instinct of man, and how religious fanaticism explores this trait to shed the blood of others. 

Kuruthi: The Holy Slaughter

The film begins in a very interesting manner where a police officer along with an accused knocks on the door of an isolated home. The police officer reveals that he is being targeted by a group of violent extremists who are trying to kill the accused.

Screenshots from KuruthiAmazon Prime Video

The accused is a murderer who killed a man for hurting his religious sentiments. And now, a team of radicalized people is trying to kill the accused in the name of their religion. As tension mounts up, the team of extremists enters the house, and from then, the director portrays various dimensions of human life in the rawest manner. 

Screenwriter Anish Pallyal deserves a special mention in this movie, as he successfully unveils the true self of each character under the grab of darkness. All the characters in this film are well written, and everyone in this movie has their own identity. The film shows how radicalized people are ready to kill anyone to fulfill their spiritual desires, which they call commitment towards God. 

When human relationships crumble

As religious spirit starts invading the life of people, human relationships will start crumbling, and the director has successfully conveyed this message on the screen. The movie also shows people who are afraid of majoritarian sentiment and the alienation of minorities. 

Being a semi-slaughter thriller, the director made sure that the film does not take sides, or justify any acts of its characters. The director also exposes the senseless violence committed by people in the name of God. 

All the actors in this movie did their part in an impeccable manner. Prithviraj Sukumaran deserves applause for showing the courage to play the role of the lead antagonist in this movie. Roshan Mathew who played the role of the protagonist once again proved that he is an asset to the Indian film industry. Srindaa did her part well, and she succeeded in conveying her emotions perfectly. However, the surprise package in this movie was Mamukkoya. The veteran Mollywood star literally excelled with powerful oneliners, and this role can be easily called his career-best performance. 

Final Verdict: Kuruthi is a masterpiece that is raw, intense, and brilliant. Do not miss this movie that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.