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A Singapore-bound aircraft with 173 passengers was delayed by 14 hours at Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport after its cabin crew reportedly heard that a passenger was carrying a machine gun in his cabin bag. The aircraft of Scoot, a low-cost airline owned by Singapore Airlines, was scheduled to depart at 1.20 am on Tuesday, but departed at 5.30 pm on Tuesday.

The incident took place when the flight was about to depart. According to reports, one of the crew members raised an alarm claiming that a passenger was carrying a machine gun inside his cabin bag. 

In a casual conversation with one of the flyers, a Dutch national who was carrying a box along with a guitar case, a crew member had asked what he was carrying in the box to which he replied that it was a 'machine'. The flight attendant misheard it to be a 'machine gun' which triggered the false security alarm.

The man was immediately taken to the airport police station where he was questioned by the authorities. After searching his baggage, the airport officials came to know that it was a false alarm as he was only carrying a guitar in the bag. The official said that there was nothing to be concerned about and the Dutchman was let off.

All the passengers had to de-board after the aircraft was pulled off from the runway. Their luggage was rescreened by the officials fearing a potential threat and the passengers had to once again go through immigration clearance.

A replacement flight was allocated by the airline for the passengers to continue their journey. They were also provided with refreshments, said a Scoot spokesperson.

"A hoax security threat was made at 01.48 hrs on April 23 relating to Scoot Airlines Flight TR573. Standard security protocols and procedures were followed and no suspicious items were found. A passenger was de-boarded from the flight by the CISF," said a statement released by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL).