Kallada bus
Kallada busfacebook [Representational Image]

After three passengers were thrashed by the bus staff of Kallada Travels en route Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru, a woman has now reported a similar incident on Facebook.

A woman named Sukanyeah Krishna shared her horrible experience with the bus operator's service and harassment from the staff while going on the same route on March 18, 2018.

Sukanyeah had booked a premium AC dual sleeper bus for her journey to Kerala as she had to appear for an exam. She fell asleep a little after the journey had started and woke up to a shocking surprise as she saw a man standing next to her cabin.

The guy was drunk with the smell of alcohol oozing from him. She somehow grabbed courage and asked him what he wants? He said that he is a staff of the bus and his had shift just got over. He could not find any place to sleep as the seats are all full and he asked her to move aside so that he can sleep.

Terrified by the encounter, she asked the man to leave which further created more ruckus. Two passengers interrupted the scene and the man had to leave fearing the consequences.

But Sukanyeah was not able to sleep after the terrible experience she had to witness from the staff. She contacted redBus app through which she had booked the ticket but they asked her to write a formal complaint and mail it to them, which she did. But there was no further response from the app.


She contacted some of her friends and shared her live location fearing something odd might happen with her. After reaching Bengaluru, she went to Madiwala police and tried to lodge a complaint against the bus operator for the misbehaviour from their staff.

She provided the bus details and told the police about the incident but the lawmakers refused to take actions claiming that the incident took place at a different area from their jurisdiction. But she was not ready to give up and she persuaded them into looking into the matter even though no formal complaint was taken by the police.

On Saturday, three youngsters were thrashed by some of the bus crew in Kerala for demanding another bus as the Kallada bus had broken down. In a video that had gone viral on social media, the staff can be seen manhandling the youngsters and abusing them.

However, the police have arrested three people including the manager of Suresh Kallada group for assaulting the passengers. The transport department of Kerala has also directed to suspend the permit of the travels.