love jihad
Rashmi is being physically assaulted to force her to convert to Mulsim.Twitter

A former model based in Mumbai has alleged that her husband has been continuously assaulting her and forcing her to convert to Islam, in what appears to be another case of love jihad.

The model, who has been identified as one Rashmi, has also levelled charges of domestic violence against her husband Asif.

Hindu by birth, Rashmi married Asif 12 years ago, and he had apparently not objected to she continuing to follow Hinduism back then.

However, for the past few years the 47-year-old Asif had been forcing her to convert to his religion, Rashmi claimed. When she refused, he started physically assaulting her, she has said.

Husband married another woman

Rashmi has claimed Asif pressurises her to convert to Islam by saying "if I don't follow Islam I can't be his wife."

But this is not the end to Rashmi's trauma. The model has also alleged that the accused has married a 28-year-old woman and she lives in their house.

According to an ABP Live report, the second wife has already converted to Islam, and together the duo has been forcing Rashmi to leave her marital house.

Husband and family brainwashed his son?

Asif and his family have also brainwashed Rashmi's seven-year-old and have said his mother is a monster as she is not a follower of Islam, Rashmi has claimed.

love jihad
Rashmi and Asif are married since 12 years.

Rashmi said her son has been told that she is "a monster" because she "goes to a temple and doesn't follow Islam," and also that she "isn't a good woman for she doesn't follow Islam".

Meanwhile, the police have registered a complaint against Asif and are investigating the case.