In episode 3 of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood", Lil Fizz told his friends and viewers that he wants to be single for a while and "sample all the appetisers" before settling on the main course. However, it looks like he may really not have a trouble in sampling those appetisers, because according to his ex-girlfriend (as of the last episode) Kamiah, he has trouble "getting it up".

Kamiah had been seeing Fizz for a couple of months, and according to the model, she even watched Fizz's son Kamron and met his parents. She had assumed that they were exclusively dating and it was confirmed when he gave her a key to his apartment for her to stay over when he was away.

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However, when Fizz told her that he wanted to date other people, it became clear that they were not on the same page. In fact, the rapper even compared her and the other women he is dating, to "appetisers" and said that he is "testing" all of them before settling down for a main course aka the woman he would end up settling down with.

Kamiah was not too happy with the analogy and was even more displeased with the fact that she was being disrespected along with being characterised as delusional, and breaks up with Fizz. In the upcoming episode 4 of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood", she opened up about her relationship with her friend and gossip blogger Jason Lee.

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When he asked Kamiah how the sex was between her and Fizz, she responded, "Well, when he was able to get it up he was decent." He reportedly was unable to get stimulated, is Kamiah's judgment of Fizz's situation; she attributed it to the fact that he is 30 (much older than her). However, Lee, who is also in his 30s, guaranteed that it was not an issue.

According to Kamiah, Fizz might need the "little blue pill" soon. How do you think the whole thing will go down when Fizz heads that Kamiah is spreading rumours about his bedroom "shortcomings"? After all, she has said it to Lee, who is a gossip blogger. Find out in the coming episodes of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood", which airs at 8.00pm (EST) on Mondays on VH1.