Season 2 episode 3 of the popular VH1 reality show "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" will be aired on Monday, 21 September. In the episode, we will see more of Milan and Miles' relationship and Moniece's baby daddy Lil' Fizz. The episode will also feature a new cast member Brandi, who seeks the help of Nikki to spy on her husband.

In the previous episodes we saw how the blossoming love between Miles and Milan is hindered by the fact that the former is still not openly gay, and is therefore averse to going on dates with his boyfriend. While Milan can understand that Miles is not where he is emotionally, he is tired on waiting and wants to end things without wasting either of their time.

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However, the love he has for Miles is not allowing him to just let go, and in the upcoming episode he confesses to his friend Hazel E that he fears Miles may be cheating on him. This fear may be completely unfounded, because Miles is seen incredulously walking away from a conversation with Milan claiming, "you're trying to flip like it's a cheating thing?"

Further, there is this recent instagram post from Miles that proves all is well in lover's paradise:

However, one wonders who Milan will confide in, now that Hazel E has left "LHHH" after the drama got too much for her to handle. 

In the coming episode, we will also get to see cast members that have not been featured too much in season 2 so far, like Mociece's baby daddy Lil' Fizz. In the promo for episode 3, he is seen flirting with a beautiful girl, comparing dating to a buffet.

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Meanwhile, Brandi is upset that his husband is leaving his ring with him when he goes to the studio for his recordings and asks Nikki if she is overreacting. Brandi does have a reputation of being "crazy", but her friend Nikki assures her that she is completely fair in her distrust.

In the coming episode we will see the two of them going undercover as hotel maids to spy on Brandi's husband. In the promo Nikki is also seen shouting at her husband and asking her to wear his wedding ring, so that the women in the studio will know he is spoken for, which if we know "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", we know is not going to go down well.

Watch out for season 2 episode 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" at 8.00pm (EST) on Monday, 21 September on VH1. You can also live stream the upcoming episode online via VH1 website