The stars of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" are known to hold a grudge, and the lady friends of Soulja Boy, Nia and Nas, who went at it with each other in episode 2 "Friend or Foe" have not disappointed their fans in this regard. The duo took their feud out of the reality show and into the realm of Instagram.

In the show, the girls spoke about their long history together, but how they stopped being BFFs due to some unresolved drama, and to add on to that Nas is claiming that she has been going on and off with Soulja Boy, who is Nia's boyfriend. Now Nas has out-poured her feelings on social media, after Nia refused to talk it out with her like "adults".

Along with a picture of Nia, Nas posted, the comment, "... I chose to move on from the whole Dre situation because I have a bright future I need to tend to Im sure he will continue to contact me so you might need to get that in check. Now that I said what I needed to say I'm done with Nia Riley as well. (And as for all of the allegations, lies don't bother me because people who really know me knows what it is but that's not fair to falsify people's names like that. Tsk tsk.)"

In the same segment we also saw Moniece and Richie D reacting to their tattoo salon trip. Fans will remember how Moniece agreed to get rid of the tattoo of her ex, but wanted Richie D to permanently move in with her, in exchange. However, her boyfriend did not think it was an even trade, and did not agree to the same.

To the cameras Moniece said, "I'm not your average build-a-bitch", taking a shot at Richie's ex girlfriend Erica Mena and promised that she will get what she wants in the end. While watching the scene, Richie D called Moniece a "straight-up crazy" person, and for him to do that after lovingly giving her pet names likes Momo in the last episode, there is only one logical explanation which is that they had a messy break-up.

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Their break-up would mostly mean swansong for Richie D, which would make him the second after Hazel E to leave the show. Early morning on Thursday, 18 September, the ex girlfriend of Kat Williams tweeted, "I just quit #Lhhh I'm sorry to everyone who came out but I'm not #Desperate for anything".

"When you feel like your over qualified, and not being respected as you should be, it's time to go, my man told me baby your #Priceless meow," Hazel added.