Janmashtami celebrations in India
School children dressed as Hindu Lord Krishna,

With many religious communities in India, cases of blasphemy is a serious issue in our society.

The Hindu Legal Cell has filed a complaint against Assamese painter Akram Hussain for painting Lord Krishna with semi nude bikini clad girls in a bar.

The artist's re-creation of Lord Krishna with his gopis has hurt the religious sentiments of many, which has led to many protests in the country. Following this, the painting displayed at an art gallery has been taken down.

Blasphemy law of our society limits the freedom of speech and expression related to insulting God or showing lack of respect toward holy people, religious objects, beliefs and customs.

Besides this, Akram's another painting has also come under the scanner, in which he has drawn the National Flag with many objectionable items, including liquor bottles and under garments on it, which has hurt the sentiments of patriots.

'Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act 1971' states that anyone who disrespects the National Flag in any public place deserves to be punished.

Similarly, Indian Picasso M F Hussain, Balbir Krishna and Raja Ravi Varma have also painted some controversial paintings, which have irked religious communities in the country.

Meanwhile, Twitteratti has expressed their anger towards Akram and has even challenged Times Now and Arnab Goswami to debate on the matter.

 Check out the reactions below:

Sumit Nautiyal ‏

stupid Akram Hussain paints Lord Krishna wid his sisters in Bikini will media cover dis #GharWapsi #ValmikiFamilies

Chandra M

Muslim artist Akram Hussain has painted this offensive pic of Lord Krishna. Wud #AdarshLiberals call it Secular art?


Proud of Hindu tolerance that Akram Hussain is still alive without beheading despite painting Nude Shri Krishna.

Mr Arnab Goswami @timesnow, do u have any guts to discuss in prime time, abt Akram Hussain painting Nude Shri Krishna


The artist is Akram Hussain mocking Lord Krishna. Will #Presstitutes debate this? "

Deepal Trivedi

Artist Akram Hussain's depiction of #Krishna:Freedom of expression can't b a license to hurt religious sensibilities


This painting is by "Akram Hussain" mocking LordKrishna Is this is again to be taken quietly by Hindus?