BBC Two's spy thriller drama concluded in episode five, but it seems that Ben Whishaw starrer series still has some surprises up its sleeve.

The season finale episode ended on a satisfying note and was received positively by the fans. However, there is no doubt that the interesting plot and direction has intrigued viewers enough to make them look forward to a new season.

Even though the story concluded with the last episode showing Danny finding the final solution, the series left possibilities for a second season.

Danny decided to go away from Frances' crumpling mansion when Frances told him to "let's burn them down for real".

Before the end credits, Danny is seen replying to him, "You understand we don't stand a chance."

There is something definitely left unexplained and it might lead to a new partnership between these two in the next story.

The episode also hinted that Frances might replace Jim Broadbent and take his place in Danny's life.

However, since there has been no official confirmation yet, Season 2 is still a speculation, and fans are indeed looking forward to it.

In the season finale episode, Detective Taylor told Danny that she believed what he had told her but was unable to investigate further because of pressure from her superiors.

Danny sent out copies of Alex's research by post and email to newspapers; they were all returned or deleted. Danny's estranged mother turned up at his home out of the blue saying that his father is dying; at his parents' house they admitted they had been threatened, it was a charade to erase the code cylinder that Danny wore around his neck.

Danny visited Frances and learnt about Alex/Alistair's childhood, her own thwarted ambitions in MI5, and how she brought him up to be the spy she couldn't be. Her part in the events leading to his death was shown -- he was killed by MI5 to keep his research a secret. Though believing it is futile, she joined Danny to try to bring those responsible to justice.