Ben Whishaw as Danny Holt
Ben Whishaw as Danny HoltBBC

Things are not going very well for Danny as he tries to hide the device he discovered earlier in upcoming episode of "London Spy."

CLICK HERE to watch whether someone is actually following Danny or it is just his hallucination due to drugs intake.

According to the synopsis of the episode, convinced that he was being followed, Danny hid the device he discovered. He contacted a newspaper to correct the news coverage about Alex/Alistair and reported it was a murder.

Instead, the newspaper printed a story about his own drug taking, and he lost his job. Scottie told Danny about his history with MI6 30 years ago and showed him where he attempted suicide at the time.

Danny was invited to visit by a couple who claimed to be Alex/Alistair's parents and who behaved strangely distant. He refused to believe them and was taken to a mansion belonging to Frances and her husband, where she informed him that Alistair, her son, was neither gay nor virgin, but very experienced in sexual role play.

When Danny did not believe her, Frances told him to stop making a fuss. The next morning, the housekeeper revealed that his real name was Alistair but he preferred the name Alex.

Danny returned to London and was approached by an American who told him to look after his health. He left behind a sweet containing a tablet and a business card which Danny ripped up.

The British spy drama, which is written by Tom Rob Smith, is about encounter between two men from different social setups. While Danny (Ben Whishaw) embraces the world of clubbing and everything youthful, Alex (Edward Holcroft) is someone who likes to keep things to himself. The two soon enter into a romantic relationship, and it is only after Alex's death that Danny discovers that his partner was working with the Secret Intelligence Service.