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Exit polls showed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a tough fight to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

West Bengal Lok Sabha election 2019 results: The Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) makes significant inroads in West Bengal, challenging the political status quo of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC), which has been holding on to power in the state for the past eight years.

West Bengal sends 42 MPs to the Lok Sabha – the third largest after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The 2019 Lok Sabha Election was held in seven phases, which started on Aprill 11 and continued for over a month till May 19.

Live Updates

2019-05-2318:09 (IST)

BJP on the verge of winning Barrackpur constituency

BJP's Arjun Singh is on the verge of winning Barrackpur constituency.

2019-05-2317:06 (IST)

BJP extends their lead in Ranaghat

BJP candidate Jagannath Sarkar is leading by 2,04,246 votes in Ranaghat.

2019-05-2316:49 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Bardhaman-Durgapur

TMC candidate Mamtaz Sanghamita takes lead in Bardhaman-Durgapur constituency.

2019-05-2314:31 (IST)

BJP extends their lead in Medinipur

The fight between the two heavyweights TMC MP Manas Bhunia and BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is going in favour of the latter as he is leading by 35,022 votes in Medinipur.

2019-05-2314:22 (IST)

BJP leading in Balurghat constituency

BJP candidate Dr. Sukanta Majumdar is leading in Balurghat constituency while TMC MP Arpita Ghosh trails.

2019-05-2314:16 (IST)

TMC takes massive lead in Jangipur

TMC candidate Khalilur Rahaman is leading by 1,27,425 votes in Jangipur.

2019-05-2314:08 (IST)

BJP closing in on TMC again in West Bengal

BJP leading in 19 seats whereas TMC is leading in 22 seats in West Bengal.

2019-05-2314:00 (IST)

BJP takes lead in Jhargram

BJP candidate Kunar Hembram takes lead in Jhargram by 32,162 votes.

2019-05-2313:24 (IST)

BJP leading in Jalpaiguri

BJP candidate Dr. Jayanta Kumar Roy is leading by 41,349 votes in Jalpaiguri.

2019-05-2313:03 (IST)

TMC is leading in Uluberia

TMC candidate Sajda Ahmed is leading in Uluberia closely followed by Joy Banerjee of BJP.

2019-05-2312:54 (IST)

BJP leading in Bankura, Subrata Mukherjee trailing

BJP candidate Dr. Subash Sarkar leading in Bankura by a margin of 51,149 votes, Subrata Mukherjee of TMC trailing.

2019-05-2312:47 (IST)

TMC takes huge lead in Kolkata Dakshin

TMC candidate Mala Ray takes a massive lead of 2,95,953 votes in Kolkata Dakshin.

2019-05-2312:40 (IST)

BJP takes massive lead in Bolpur constituency

BJP is leading by 52,618 votes in Bolpur constituency.

2019-05-2312:32 (IST)

TMC leads by a good margin in Barasat

TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar is leading by a margin of 48,997 votes in Barasat.

2019-05-2312:14 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Kolkata Uttar by a good margin

After four rounds of counting TMC is leading by 40,000 votes in Kolkata Uttar.

2019-05-2312:10 (IST)

BJP leading by huge margin in Alipurduar

BJP candidate John Barla is leading by 61,043 votes in Alipurduar.

2019-05-2312:02 (IST)

Medinipur constituency having a close fight

The Medinipur constituency is having a close fight between BJP and TMC. Dilip Ghosh of BJP is ahead by just 365 votes.

2019-05-2311:58 (IST)

BJP leading in Purulia constituency

Jyotirmay Singh Mahato of BJP leading in Purulia by 56,106 votes.

2019-05-2311:50 (IST)

BJP leading by a narrow margin in Barrackpore

Barrackpore BJP candidate Arjun Singh is leading by a narrow margin of 2292 votes.

2019-05-2311:39 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Arambagh

Apurupa Poddar of TMC is leading in Arambagh closely followed by BJP candidate Tapan Kumar Ray.

2019-05-2311:35 (IST)

TMC leading in Kanthi constituency

TMC MP Sisir Adhikari leading in Kanthi by 11,862 votes.

2019-05-2311:23 (IST)

BJP leading in Durgapur

BJP candidate Surinderjeet Singh Ahluwalia leading in Durgapur constituency.

2019-05-2311:19 (IST)

BJP closing in on TMC in West Bengal

BJP is closing in on TMC in West Bengal with lead in 18 seats whereas TMC is leading in 22 seats.

2019-05-2311:15 (IST)

INC leading in Baharampur constituency

Veteran Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury leading in Baharampur.

2019-05-2311:06 (IST)

TMC takes massive lead in Kolkata Dakshin

TMC candidate from Kolkata Dakshin constituency, Mala Ray takes lead by 74000 votes.

2019-05-2311:03 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Diamond Harbour

TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee leading in Diamond Harbour by 32000 votes.

2019-05-2310:57 (IST)

BJP leading in Bishnupur constituency

Saumitra Khan of BJP is leading in Bishunupur constituency.

2019-05-2310:46 (IST)

TMC extends their lead in West Bengal

TMC is leading in 26 seats whereas BJP is leading in 15 seats in West Bengal.

2019-05-2310:41 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Krishnanagar constituency

TMC candidate Mahua Moitra takes lead in Krishnanagar.

2019-05-2310:37 (IST)

BJP takes lead in Medinipur constituency

Veteran BJP leader and party president in West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh takes lead in Medinipur.

2019-05-2310:16 (IST)

TMC leading in Bankura

Ex-mayor and TMC candidate Subrata Mukherjee leading in Bankura constituency

2019-05-2310:11 (IST)

TMC and BJP fight in West Bengal continues

TMC is leading in 21 seats whereas BJP is leading in 19 seats and Congress leading in 2 seats in West Bengal.

2019-05-2310:00 (IST)

TMC leading in Basirhat constituency

Nusrat Jahan of TMC leading in Basirhat constituency.

2019-05-2309:57 (IST)

BJP leading by 21000 votes in Asansol

BJP MP Babul Supriyo leading by 21000 votes in Asansol.

2019-05-2309:53 (IST)

BJP takes lead in Ghatal constituency

Bharati Ghosh of BJP takes lead in Ghatal, actor Dev of TMC trails.

2019-05-2309:49 (IST)

TMC and BJP having a close fight in West Bengal

TMC is leading in 20 seats whereas BJP is leading in 19 seats in West Bengal.

2019-05-2309:37 (IST)

TMC trailing in Diamond Harbour

TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee trailing in Diamond Harbour.

2019-05-2309:34 (IST)

TMC leading in Jadavpur constituency

Mimi Chakraborty of TMC is leading in Jadavpur, Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya of CPI(M) trailing.

2019-05-2309:28 (IST)

TMC leading in Dumdum

TMC MP Saugata Ray leading in Dumdum constituency.

2019-05-2309:25 (IST)

BJP leading in Asansol

BJP MP Babul Supriyo is leading in Asansol, Moonmoon Sen of TMC is trailing.

2019-05-2309:12 (IST)

TMC and BJP fighting it out in West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee led TMC is leading in 13 seats in West Bengal whereas BJP is not far behind, they are leading in 12 seats in the state.

2019-05-2308:29 (IST)

TMC takes lead in Maldaha Uttar, Baharampur

Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress takes lead in Maldaha Uttar and Baharampur.

2019-05-2308:27 (IST)

BJP takes 1st lead in West Bengal

BJP has taken the first lead in Darjeeling, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar.