Vivek Oberoi is one of those actors who have spoken about nepotism and groupism being encouraged in Bollywood way before the word nepotism even became popular and people realized how difficult it is for a commoner to survive in the competitive industry.

After Bollywood's drug nexas that was exposed, Vivek Oberoi's brother-in-law Aditya Alva's name being dragged in the case, police had even raided Vivek Oberoi's  Mumbai residence in connection to the case.

Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan
Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan

On putting his view forward regarding nepotism in Bollywood related to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the actor said in an interview with Hindustan Times,  "There always has been lobby, people abusing their power. I have been a victim of that myself. You know there is always been a lobby that has a massive influence and power and they have used it to enrich and benefit themselves and rather than create an ecosystem and a democratic place where new talent just blossoms."

The 'Krissh 3' actor also shared his own experiences that he suffered years ago, he said, "I have experienced it. I have seen the time from being offered all these choices from people saying to 'Sorry man I can't work with you anymore because XYZ asked us not to or that we have this pressure and that pressure. I have seen it firsthand how people abuse their power." He added that he tried to fight it but never received any support for it."

Vivek Oberoi's infamous spat with Salman Khan proved to be a dark night for the actor as only after  that incident Vivek's career went for a toss. And he is still battling coping up in his career. With a couple of hits in his kitty, Vivek has still manage to survive in the industry.