JP Duminy Faf Du Plessis South Africa Sri Lanka ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
JP Duminy celebrates with Faf Du Plessis after dismissing Angelo MathewsReuters

2.38 pm: Well, nobody's goingto say South Africa can't win knockout games anymore. From ball one they were on top of Sri Lanka, with the pace bowlers setting it up for Imran Tahir, and eventually JP Duminy, to run through the batting. Sangakkara played an innings he would like to start over from with only Lahiru Thirimanne looking good. But it was Tahir and the South Africa bowlers' day, with 133 never going to be enough to trouble the Proteas batsmen.

De Kock finally found some form at this World Cup, striking a smooth as silk half-century to lead his side to the most comfortable of victories and a place in the semifinals.

That's it from me and IBTimes India for this quarterfinal. Do check back tomorrow for the India vs Bangladesh match at the MCG. Till then, have a great day.

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2.36 pm: Imran Tahir is the man of the match, and deservedly so. "Can't complain, thanks for the people who supported back home and all the people who came here and support. I'm just really pleased all my hard work paid off, really glad, I don't really know what to say.

"I always feel I have to pay the country back, and I feel really honoured to play for this team and the great players. If you look at our team there are some really good great players and everyday getting up to play with them is a great feeling and motivates me and also makes me do well.

"This is the dream for us, we've been working really hard as a team and we are hoping for another two good games. I'm backing our boys."

2.30 pm: Sangakkara and Jayawardene are allowed to lead everyone off the field, including the South Africans. Such a shame to see two of the legends of cricket bow out in such a manner, but kudos to South Africa for an awesome performance.

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2.27 pm: Malingareturns but the run flow cannot be stopped, South Africa beat Sri Lanka by nine wickets. South Africa finish on 134/1 in 18 overs, a massive win for them and the first time they have managed a victory in a knockout game of a World Cup. The monkey is off their back, and the fat lady's song can be heard around the SCG in Afrikaans.

2.20 pm: A three from De Kock and a two from Du Plessis means five more runs are added, South Africa 123/1 in 17 overs, needing another 11 runs for a place in the semifinals of the World Cup.

2.16 pm: Dilshan comes in and De Kock takes him for a few runs, should be done in the next couple of overs. South Africa 118/1 in 16 overs.

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2.12 pm: Another pull, another four for De Kock, who wants to finish the game off quickly, with Thisara Perera getting the treatment. He goes for a big shot to midwicket, doesn't get it as well as he would have liked, giving Kusal Perera in the deep a chance. The fielder makes great ground to get to it, but can't hang onto the ball in the dive. South Africa 110/1 in 15 overs.

2.08 pm: South Africa get to 100 with a single, nearly there, another 34 to get, 100/1 in 14 overs.

2.05 pm: DeKock showing his repertoire now, after those square-drives, cuts, cover drives and pulls, it is the on-drive now which gives him a boundary. And in the face of the de Kock assault, Chameera loses control completely and bowls five wides. Nothing is going for Sri Lanka here, as a short delivery hits de Kock's helmet and goes for another boundary. De Kock gets to his half-century in just 39 balls with a pull to the deep fielder, South Africa 96/1 in 13 overs.

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1.58 pm: A bat-pad wicket almost for Kaushal, but De Kock survives as the ball lobs just away from the short-leg fielder. Du Plessis also plays and misses, but not much excitement besides that in the over as South Africa inch closer to the target, 79/1 in 12 overs, another 55 needed.

1.54 pm: De Kock has certainly found his touch. a gorgeous cover drive brings him another boundary, with Dushmantha Chameera also unable to make an impact. De Kock smashes a second boundary via the pull which is also called for a harsh no-ball. Free hits have come to nothing so far in this match, and that trend continues with Chameera denying De Kock another boundary with a brilliant wide yorker. Plenty of runs off the over, nevertheless, 16 to be exact. South Africa 77/1 in 11 overs.

1.47 pm: It is easy peasy for South Africa, singles and twos when they need it, and the occasional boundary, another one again by De Kock through point. Kaushal is bowling decently, but just not enough of a score to defend to make an impact. South Africa 61/1 in 10 overs.

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1.43 pm: Malinga just not troubling the batsmen enough. Easily being picked off for runs, another trouble-free over, which included a free hit for nought. South Africa 53/1 in 9 overs.

1.36 pm: Du Plessis' first ball is against Kaushal, the "mystery" spinner. The South Africa batsman clips him for a single second ball to get of the mark. Kaushal bowls to de Kock quite well, keeping it outside off. South Africa 45/1 in 8 overs.

1.32 pm: Malinga begins to complete his two balls of the over at the resumption, no worries for South Africa, as De Kock slaps another one past point for a boundary, picks the slower delivery really well. South Africa 44/1 in 7 overs.

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1.27 pm: The match is about to start. It would have been a calm and serene supper for South Africa, not so much for Sri Lanka, who need to pray for a miracle.

12.55 pm: SriLanka needed a few more wickets than just the one in this small phase before the break if they were to make a game of it, but only Amla fell. South Africa are in cruise mode really, and should be in the same mode when the match returns in about half an hour's time. Catch you then.

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12.52 pm: Malinga bowls the final over before the mid-innings break, and Sri Lanka's most potent weapon finds a way through as Amla is gone! South Africa 40/1 in 6.4 overs. Amla goes for the big shot over the offside for a six, but picks out Kulasekara at third man, with the fielder completing a smart running catch low down. The umpire asks to check for the no-ball and it is touch and go, the benefit goes to the bowler, though, and that is it for now, as the mid-innings break is taken, with South Africa needing another 94 runs for victory.

12.47 pm: Tharindu Kaushal bowls for the first time in ODI cricket. A duplicate Murali said Mathews, and there are certainly a few similarities with that whip of his arm. They don't come much better than Amla now do they? The opener negotiates him easily enough, with De Kock following suit as well. South Africa 37/0 in 6 overs.

12.43 pm: Malinga keeps the yorkers coming, but De Kock is up to the challenge. He then glides one square for another boundary to just build his confidence up just that little bit more. Sri Lanka are not making it any easy for themselves either as Malinga bowls a no-ball and then Kusal Perera misfields a simple one at midwicket. Nothing comes off the free hit, however, as another yorker is produced by Malinga. South Africa 32/0 in 5 overs. Seven minutes to go for the break.

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12.37 pm: Just the one over for Dilshan, as Nuwan Kulasekara comes in. De Kock gets into the groove with a wonderful square drive through point for a four, before he does the same again for a second straight boundary. Too much width from De Kock, and he does not need a second invitation. De Kock then takes a third boundary in four balls, with a whip past the left of mid-on. South Africa already motoring along, 24/0 in 4 overs, another 110 needed.

12.32 pm: Malinga keeping the ball outside off to Amla hoping for an outside edge. A couple of plays and misses, but runs as well without too much fuss. De Kock is then greeted by Malinga with a brilliant yorker, which the left-hander does well to dig out. South Africa 11/0 in 3 overs.

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12.27 pm: Dilshan opens the bowling. De Kock gets off the mark first up with a single to the onside, and Amla does the same a couple of balls later. Just two off the over, South Africa 6/0 in 2 overs.

12.24 pm: Make sure no wicket falls early, and what does Amla do first ball? Drives Malinga for a boundary through the covers. The four the only runs off the first over, South Africa 4/0 in 1 over.

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12.19 pm: The Sri Lanka players are out, and Hashim Amla and Quinton De Kock, in need of runs, walks in as well. Can Malinga inspire an unbelievable victory for Sri Lanka? Don't bank on it.

12.14 pm: Extremely poor from Sri Lanka, really good bowling from South Africa. Regardless of the bowling, however, Sri Lanka should have batted better, but they just kept putting themselves under pressure.

Sangakkara will be wondering if he made the right decision with his strange innings of 45 from 96; probably not. Coming off the back of four straight hundred, the left-hander should have played more freely, even if South Africa bowled brilliantly to him. Sometimes when you get stuck, it is difficult to get out of it, no matter how good you are, and Sanga just could not claw himself out of the dot ball mire.

South Africa will bat before the break, in about five minutes. The chase of 134 should be straightforward.

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12.10 pm: Malinga asks for a new bat, just taking the mickey out of the fielders here. Tahir looking for his fourth wicket, and he gets it, Malinga gone! Sri Lanka all out for 133 in 37.2 overs. Malinga goes for the loft over covers, but hits it straight to Miller and Tahir, the best bowler, fittingly finishes off the innings.

12.07 pm: Morkel bowls first up after the rain delay. Malinga looking to stay as away from the ball as possible, with the bounce just ensuring the first couple of deliveries don't smash the stumps. A full one here might do it, and it nearly does, but Malinga keeps it out. Just a matter of time, though, even if Morkel bowls a no-ball. And in the running, there is a run out appeal. The umpire goes up to the third umpire, and Chameera just grounds his bat in time. Nothing much comes off the free hit. Sri Lanka 133/9 in 37 overs.

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12 pm: Rain has stopped and the covers are off. Play to start in a couple of minutes, the players are out on the field. One more wicket to go for South Africa.

11.48 am: There is a reserve day if the rain does not relent, not that there are any signs it won't. Anyways, since South Africa finished second in Pool B and Sri Lanka only third in Pool A, they will qualify for the semifinals if there is a no result. Long, long way off that. For now, South Africa can bask in the glory of some outstanding bowling which has put Sri Lanka on 127/9.

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11.45 am: And from nowhere, as Sangakkara walks off the field for most likely the final time in ODIs for Sri Lanka, the rain comes and we have a delay. It is pouring, but hopefully it is just quick shower.

11.43 am: An idiot jumps onto the field of play, to cause a delay. The camera stays off him and rightly does not give him his three seconds of fame. All on Sangakkara now, or not, Sanga gone! A slapoutside off stump goes straight to third man and Sangakkara's strange innings is over. Sri Lanka nearly done now at 127/9 in 36.2 overs.

11.39 am: Sangakkararefusing singles now to farm the strike. Smacks one off Abbott for a boundary past point, a two follows that, before Sangakkara hoicks one through midwicket for another four. The Batting Powerplay coming into play, but might Sangakkara done this a lot before just to ease the pressure that followed. Sri Lanka 127/8 in 36 overs.

11.35 am: who would have thought it would be the spinners to smash through Sri Lanka. Sangakkara the only batsman to stick around for a while, and what must he be thinking as he sees his World Cup dream drift away just like that. A double wicket maiden from Duminy, Sri Lanka 116/8 in 35 overs.

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11.31 am: Another wicket, Kaushal is gone! Duminy has a hat-trick! Unbelievable stuff this. A straight and quick delivery and Kaushal, on debut, can do nothing but watch the ball hit his pads bang in front of the wicket. No need even for an appeal there, doesn't come plumber than that. Duminy gets his hat-trick with two wickets off his first two balls of this over and the Mathews one off the last ball of his previous one. Amazing, Sri Lanka 116/8 in 34.2 overs.

11.29 am: Wicket, Kulasekara gone, another for Duminy! Sri Lanka in absolute disarray here, as a straight one – does Duminy bowl anything else? – gets the outside edge with De Kock taking a smart catch. Kulasekara walks and it might have been different had he stayed as the umpire looked unsure. South Africa would not have been able to review it either. Sri Lanka 116/7 in 34.1 overs.

11.27 am: Tahir just keeps delivering time and again. De Villiers bring him back and presto the wicket is produced. Spinners all the way against the Lankans, Sri Lanka 116/6 in 34 overs.

11.25 am: With Thisara Perera, the natural slugger,coming in Tahir is brought back. Tosses a couple up and Perera nearly loops one to short cover, and then the Wicket comes. Never looked comfortable, as Tahir gets the outside edge, the ball hits De Kock on the pads and kindly loops up to Rossouw at first slip. Sri Lanka 115/6 in 33.4 overs.

11.19 am: Wicket Mathews gone, Duminy strikes! A slip and Mathews would have gone off the third ball as Duminy induces an outside edge. But it matters not as Mathews perishes off the final ball of the over. The Sri Lanka skipper goes for a big heave over midwicket, mistimes it completely and presents a simple catch to Du Plessis. Sri Lanka 114/5 in 33 overs.

11.16 am: An lbw appeal from Steyn comes to nought and Sri Lanka negotiate the fast bowler well enough, Sangakkara 31 in 84 balls. Sri Lanka 109/4 in 32 overs.

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11.12 am: Morkel's short ball barrage is over for now, surprisingly and much to Mathews' relief, no doubt. Duminy is in to finish off his four overs, another tidy one from the off-spinner. Sri Lanka 107/4 in 31 overs.

11.08 am: Steyn comes in to try and pick up a wicket, but Sangakkara and Mathews hold firm. Sri Lanka 105/4 in 30 overs.

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11.04 am: Lanka bring up their hundred in the first delivery of the 29th over, the slowest of this World Cup for them. Morkel then hits Mathews on the glove with a corker of a short delivery, and the physio is out to put a bit of that magic spray on his injured finger. Another short delivery nearly brings about a wicket. Morkel has Mathews hopping and a leading edge is nearly taken by Rossouw at short square leg, but the ball just evades him. Outstanding stuff from Morkel, and Mathews is looking troubled by the short ones. Sri Lanka 102/4 in 29 overs.

10.57 am: Mathews says enough of the blocking, and whacks one over mid-on for four to just give Tahir something else to think about. The shot also sends long-on back, which immediately gives Mathews an easy single. Six off the over, Sri Lanka 99/4 in 28 overs.

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10.54 am: Pace returns in the shape of Morkel. A wicket here from the big man, especially that of Sangakkara, and it could be bye bye birdie for the batting team. No wicket in the first over, though, four runs off it, Sri Lanka 93/4 in 27 overs.

10.49 am: A quick andtidy over from Tahir, Sri Lanka 89/4 in 26 overs.

10.47 am: All on Sangakkara now, who just hasn't been given the freedom to cut loose. Angelo Mathews has to stay with his senior partner for as long as possible, if Sri Lanka are to make a game of it in this quarterfinal. Sri Lanka 87/4 in 25 overs.

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10.44 am: Brilliant stuff from Tahir, showing just why he is such an effective ODI bowler. Sri Lanka 83/4 in 24 overs.

10.40 am: Wicket, Jayawardene gone, Tahir strikes again! Mahela has just not picked him and it is four dismissals out of four for Tahir, with a quicker delivery inducing a pull shot from Jayawardene. The ball is not even remotely timed, though, and it is an easy catch for Du Plessis at short midwicket. Sri Lanka 81/4 in 23.1 overs.

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10.39 am: Keeping it tight are the spinners, with Duminy, their fifth bowler, doing a pretty good job, but should AB De Villiers bring one of his big pacers back to really turn the screws? Sri Lanka 81/3 in 23 overs.

10.37 am: Tahir is really in the zone, and Jayawardene is failing to read him. Gets beaten outside off a couple of times, just one off the over. Tahir goes ballistic with an appeal for an lbw and South Africa go for a review after Nigel Llong gives it not out. Really nice this with everyone able to hear what the third umpire is saying, impact is umpire's call, just a wee bit outside off, so it remains not out. Sri Lanka 77/3 in 22 overs.

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10.33 am: Is this the final time we will see Jayawardene and Sangakkara bat together. Hopefully not, but if it is, then what better way to produce a partnership for the ages. Sri Lanka 76/3 in 21 overs.

10.30 am: Jayawardene has been dismissed three times out of three by Tahir, so he needs to be careful against the leg-spinner. Sri Lanka 72/3 in 20 overs.

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10.26 am: Wicket, Thirimanne gone. Tahir gets his first wicket, to pile the pressure back on Sri Lanka. Thirimanne was looking so good, but needed to go on and make a big score. Not to be, though, as the leg-spinner gets a ball to stop and bounce a touch, with Thirimanne lopping a catch back to the bowler. Jayawardene now comes in. Sri Lanka 69/3 in 19.1 overs.

10.22 am: Just about the singles and twos now for Sri Lanka and not losing a wicket. Couple of singles and a streak three for Thirimanne who gets the outside edge, which goes towards the third man boundary owing to a lack of a slip. Six off the Tahir over, Sri Lanka 64/2 in 18 overs.

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10.19 am: Sangakkarajustlooking to play a few shots now, but the timing is not quite there. Comes out of his crease a couple of times to Duminy without too much effect. Sri Lanka 58/2 in 17 overs.

10.17 am: Imran Tahir comes in and nearly gets Sangakkara with a peach of a delivery that just misses the bat and the stumps. Sanga then breaks free with a slog over square-leg for a four. Sri Lanka 55/2 in 16 overs.

10.11 am: Abbott gives away just one run in his fifth over, as Sangakkara keeps blocking. JP Duminy, the off-spinner, is then brought into the attack for the first time. The batsmen pick him off for three singles, Sri Lanka 50/2 in 15 overs. And it is drinks

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10.03 am: Morkel short deliveries to the fore, and one takes off and even beats De Kock to fly for four byes. Sangakkara still biding his time. Sri Lanka 46/2 in 13 overs.

9.58 am: Abbott comes back in. Thirimanne looks to dispatch him for ball for a four through the covers, but Duminy denies him the pleasure of a boundary with a brilliant stop. The ball has stopped moving around, though, and the pitch is easing up now. Cue for Sangakkara to take charge, no doubt. He picks up a three with a drive past the right of mid-off and goes to 500 runs in this World Cup. Sri Lanka 42/2 in 12 overs.

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9.54 am: A bit wayward from Morkel to begin with, but then gets it right enough to keep it tight. Sangakkara remains in Test match mode. Sri Lanka 38/2 in 11 overs.

9.48 am: Thirimanne looking in terrific touch, making batting look quite easy. Everything is springing off his bat and he is going at a better than a run a ball. Keeps the momentum going with a loft over mid-off for a boundary off Steyn, and this innings from Thirimanne is taking the pressure off Sangakkara, who is on 2 from 23 balls. Sri Lanka 35/2 in 10 overs. Powerplay done.

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9.44 am: Short, short and a bit more short from Morkel as Thirimanne wonders how on earth to get him away. And just as I write that, Morkel bowls a full delivery, which the left-hander throws his bat at. The ball flies past point, with Rossouw just unable to get his hands on the ball diving to his left. Another full delivery and this time there are no half-quarters from Thirimanne, a simple up and over for a second consecutive four. Short deliveries should be the mantra for Morkel, clearly. Sri Lanka 27/2 in 9 overs.

9.39 am: No worries over Steyn as he is brought back at the other end to replace Abbott. Straight and steady does it for Steyn in this over, Sangakkara remains extremely watchful, another maiden. Sri Lanka 18/2 in 8 overs.

9.35 am: Steyn is given a rest in order to avoid an aggravation of that neck injury. Morne Morkel comes in, and Sangakkara remains happy to leave all balls outside off. It takes the man with four centuries in a row 16 balls to get off the mark, as he flicks a delivery on his pads down to fine leg for a single. Morkel then bowls a no-ball and it is a free hit! Nothing comes off it though as Thirimanne is unable to latch onto a short delivery. Sri Lanka 17/2 in 7 overs.

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9.30 am: First boundary of the innings is struck by Thirimanne, via a gorgeous cover drive off a full delivery outside off from Abbott. He then follows that up with another one through the covers. Sri Lanka 16/2 in 6 overs.

9.26 am: Dilshan has been in brilliant form at this World Cup, and his is a huge wicket for South Africa. Sangakkara will now be the target. If he goes, Sri Lanka will be in dire straits. Sangakkara is still to get off the mark, 11 balls played already. Bit of an injury worry for Steyn, as he feels his neck. Sri Lanka 6/2 in 5 overs.

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9.21 am: Wicket, Dilshan gone, Steyn strikes! Big wicket for South Africa, as Dilshan edges a perfect outswinger to the slips, with Du Plessis taking an outstanding catch low down. Sri Lanka 4/2 in 4.1 overs. Thirimanne walks in, not Jayawardene.

9.20 am: A ball change already, just an over in at Abbott's end. The leather has chipped off this ball and the ball is changed. Abbott's moving the ball both ways here, brilliant stuff. Sangakkara plays and misses and then a ball darts back in to rap him on the pads. A huge appeal, but the umpire shakes his head. No review, and a good decision too because the ball would have gone over the stumps. Cracking over from Abbott, just a wide off it, Sri Lanka 4/1 in 4 overs.

9.15 am: Steyn getting a bit of shape away, and Dilshan needs to make sure he doesn't play across the line too much. Dilshan's turn to waft at a few outside off, the batsmen need to calm down, or South Africa will run through them. A maiden over from Steyn, Sri Lanka 3/1 in 3 overs.

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9.11 am: Sangakkara comes in and plays the remaining two balls of the over watchfully. Sri Lanka 3/1 in 2 overs.

9.08 am: Perera flaying at every ball outside off, without too much effect. Plenty of play and misses and edges already, living a charmed life the attacking left-hander. Wicket, Kusal Perera gone!

Too many plays and misses outside off, and one edge was bound to fall to the fielders behind the wicket. Kyle Abbott picks up the wicket, as the outside edge has Quinton De Kock flying to his left to hangs on, just about, to the catch, at the second attempt, after fumbling it initially. Sri Lanka 3/1 in 1.4 overs.

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9.05 am: Keeps bowling outside off, and Perera, after leaving the first one, strikes the next to the covers, before wafting at thin air at the third delivery. Steyn looks up for the occasion, as Perera edges the fourth ball of the match over the slips to get off the mark with a couple. Another ball outside off just misses the edge, before a second outer edge takes it down to third man for a single. Perera clearly has been give the "go and smash a few" by the Sri Lanka management. Sri Lanka 3/0 in 1 over.

9.02 am: Dale Steyn starts it off and it is a wide delivery outside off, which is left alone by Perera.

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8.58 am: The two National Anthems are over, time for play, as South Africa go into a huddle. Dilshan and Kusal Perera, not Thirimanne, to open the innings for Sri Lanka.

8.51 am: National Anthems coming up in a bit, get inspired/excited people, it is going to be a cracker!

8.48 am: Mark Waugh's turn for the pitch report. New ball might do a bit says the Aussie great, and then it might turn later on. But a lot of runs to be had, he adds.

8.42 am: De Villiers will not be happy at batting second, but big teams always find a way, and time will tell if this South Africa side are. Sri Lanka will know if they put a big total on this belter of a pitch – a batting beauty according to Shaun Pollock and Michael Hussey – they will be the favourites to make it to the semifinals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

8.38 am: Here are the teams: South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quinton De Kock, Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, AB De Villiers, David Miller, JP Duminy, Dale Steyn, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

Sri Lanka: Lahiru Thirimanne, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Angelo Mathews, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Tharindu Kaushal, Lasith Malinga, Dushmantha Chameera.

8.35 am: De Villiersadmitshe would have loved to bat first as well, but knows the team need to do what they must in a big quarterfinal. Two changes for South Africa, as Faf Du Plessis returns from injury at the expense of Farhaan Behardien, while Vernon Philander makes way for Kyle Abbott.

8.33 am: Mathews says he is looking to put a big total on the board. Tharindu Kaushal, drafted in a couple of hours before into the SL squad for the injured Rangana Herath, makes his debut in a World Cup quarterfinal. No pressure, then.

8.32 am: Heads calls, Angelo Mathews, and Sri Lanka will bat first, of course, they do!

8.29 am: Toss in a couple of minutes. South Africa will undoubtedly want to bat first.

8.15 pm: South Africa look to win their first knockout game in a World Cup, while Sri Lanka target another big run in an ICC tournament – South Africa vs Sri Lanka promises to be a humdinger of an ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarterfinal clash.

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This match is likely to be decided by one of the big names from either side. So, will it be Kumar Sangakkara to caress another outstanding hundred, or will his great mate Mahela Jayawardene step up in a big game again and take the plaudits? Could it be the Superman AB De Villiers who does what he does best – torture bowlers? Or maybe it is time for Hashim Amla to make his mark like only he can.

Amongst the bowlers, you have two of the best in Dale Steyn and Lasith Malinga. The better bowling side – considering the immense batting strength of both Sri Lanka and South Africa -- are likely to win this quarterfinal, so the respective spearheads need to come to the party.

All in all, a cannot-miss-it match, and stay right here to catch all the action LIVE.

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