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India play Pakistan in a cannot-miss-it Asian Games men's hockey finalIANS

5.18 pm: So, that is it from me folks, a brilliant final, even if there could have been a few more goals.

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India were perhaps the slightly better team overall, coming back from a goal down to answer back in the second quarter, before showing plenty of skill and nerve in the dreaded shootout to clinch the gold medal.

Pakistan will be disappointed, but they will also know, on another day, this final could have easily gone their way.

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5.15 pm: The Pakistan players are understandably gutted. No team deserves to lose via a shootout.

5.14 pm: The players take a lap around the stadium with plenty of India flags being waved and carried by the players. This is a great moment for everyone, and more importantly, it also means India will not definitely play in the 2016 Rio Olympics. No qualification needed for them, now.

5.10 pm: Goalkeeper Sreejesh is the hero as India win their first Asian Games gold medal in 16 years beating Pakistan 4-2 in the shootout after the match ended 1-1 in regulation time.

5.09 pm: Shafqat scores to make it 3-2, but Dharamvir Singh will not be denied as he scores to give India the gold medal courtesy a 4-2 win in the shootout

5.07 pm: Sreejesh is showing brilliant form in this shootout as he denies another Pakistani attacker to keep India in the lead 2-1. Birendra Lakra then makes it 3-1 to give India a big lead.

5.06 pm: Waqas makes it 2-1 after scoring at the third attempt despite a brillaint couple of saves from Sreejesh. Then, Manpreet is denied by Butt as Pakistan come back.

5.05 pm: India's penalty corner specialist Rupinder makes no mistake as well, as India lead 2-0

5.04 pm: India lead 1-0 as Sreejesh makes a brilliant couple of saves to deny Haseem

5.03 pm: Both teams go into a huddle in hope of that one final thrust to win that gold medal. The toss is made, the final prayers are said and it is India to start the shootout.

Chandi to go first and he scores nonchalantly past Imran Butt.

5.00 pm: Anything ispossible, as we all know, in a shootout. Who do you think will hold their nerve better, India or Pakistan?

4.57 pm: No goals in the final quarter or indeed the second half as the match ends 1-1 in regulation time.

Onto the better-start-biting-your-nails shootout.

4.54 pm: Three minutes remaining. The shootout is looming large.

4.51 pm: Penalty corner for India!

Nikkin Thimmaiah wins it for India, but Imran Butt cannot be breached as the goalkeeper makes another stellar save. The majority Pakistan crowd in the stadium go wild!

4.50 pm: Pakistan slowly increasing the pressure as they look to score the goal which will surely assure the scorer a gold medal. A little under six minutes to go. Still India 1-1 Pakistan.

4.49 pm: Pakistan threaten in India's circle, with a cross from the right, which the defender do well to clear away.

4.44 pm: Both Sardar Singh and Shaqeel Abbasi have not quite had the impact one would have expected in the final. India will be hoping for more from their skipper, while Pakistan will want Abbasi to take the game by the scruff of the neck a little more. Still India 1-1 Pakistan.

4.42 pm: The final quarter of the Asian Games 2014 men's hockey final begins.

4.38 pm: India 1-1 Pakistan at the end of the third quarter.

Not as many chances as the first couple of quarters. India had more of the possession, without enough penetration. Pakistan need to crank their attacking levels up a little in the final quarter. There was very little from the men in green going forward in the third 15-minute period.

4.35 pm: A slight break in play as a Pakistan player receives some treatment. India having plenty of possession, but Pakistan do look dangerous on the counter-attack. A little over three minutes to go in the third quarter.

4.30 pm: Indiahave a nice chance with Ramandeep Singh firing in a nice shot on the reverse, but Imran Butt saves brilliantly. Six-and-a-half minutes remaining in the third quarter. India 1-1 Pakistan.

4.26 pm: Penalty corner to Pakistan

No goal for Pakistan, as Sreejesh makes a diving stop down to his right off a strike from Mohammad Imran.

4.25 pm: "Hey dude try to do a neutral commentary of the match. This one seems too one sided, too pro India," says Iysit.

I am trying Iysit, let me assure you. It was all Pakistan in the first quarter, if you scroll down a little, you will see. But then again, this is IBTimes India mate!

4.24 pm: The second half starts on a seriously quick note, with both teams looking for that third goal. Pakistan attack India's circle and should have got a penalty corner, but none is given.

Immediately at the other end, SV Sunil fails to make proper contact after a quick counter.

The match is being played at a breathless pace

4.20 pm: Second half/third quarter is underway

4.15 pm: Anybody'sfinal this. Both teams have had chances, even if India's have been more clear cut. The men in blue need to ensure they put away those chances in the second half, though.

Terry Walsh will be pretty happy with his team's performance, but he will stress on the importance of keeping the pressure on Pakistan, like they did swimmingly well in the second quarter.

4.10 pm: Halftime: 1-1.

Pakistan scored early in the first quarter and were the more dangerous side in those first 15 minutes. India roared back in the second quarter to equalise a couple of minutes before halftime, deservedly too as they cranked up the pressure.

Time for a little rousing halftime speech!

4.06 pm: India score!

The pressure finally pays off as Kothajit Singh scores a peach, guiding the ball brilliantly into the target off a pass from Gurbaj Singh. It's 1-1 in the final with two minutes to go to halftime.

4.05 pm: Still 1-0 to Pakistan with five minutes to go to halftime.

4.02 pm: Itis a nice penalty corner from India struck well by Rupinder (I think), but Pakistan goalkeeper Imran Butt makes a flying one-handed save. Stunning!

4.01 pm: And as I write that India win the first penalty corner of the final! And a Pakistani player Mohammd Irfan gets a green card as well for taking too long to get ready.

4.00 pm: Indiahaving plenty of possession, but most of them in defence and midfield. Hate to soundlike abroken record here – India need more urgency, even if there is plenty of time still left in the game.

3.55 pm: To use a cliché – Pakistan just seem to be up for this match a little bit more at the moment. India players need to wake up soon, otherwise that crucial second goal might just go the men in green.

3.52 pm: Second quarter is off and running

3.49 pm: A player goes down injured for Pakistan in the finals seconds of the first quarter, and there we have now, a proper India vs Pakistan match as a little bit of argy bargy goes on between the two teams.

End of First Quarter: Pakistan's quarter, though, courtesy that early goal from Rizwan. Could have, and should have, been 1-1 if only Sunil had shown a little more composure.

3.48 pm: India shouldhavebeen level as they squander two glorious chances. First Ramandeep Singh forces a save from the Pakistan goalkeeper, then from the corner, SV Sunil just misses a sitter from a few yards, smashing the ball over the top.

3.46 pm: A minute remaining in the first quarter, still 1-0 to Pakistan.

3.45 pm: Lot of theball being held by the team in blue, but India are just not threatening the Pakistan defence too much at the moment.

3.40 pm: India have plenty of possession, but their movement forward is a little laboured. While Pakistan are springing these quick attacks, which the Indian defence and midfield are finding hard to stop.

3.38 pm: Pakistan have their tails pointing north now and are looking to pressurise the porous Indian defence again. A few nervy moment here for India. Go down two goals and the match just might get away from them.

3.35 pm: Goal Pakistan!

Rizwan Muhammad is the one to open the scoring in this final as Pakistan go on a lightning counter-attack with woeful defending allowing Rizwan acres of space in the D to smash the ball low past goalkeeper Sreejesh.

The worst possible start for India!

3.31 pm: And we're underway as Pakistan starts it off, with Sardar immediately coming into play for India. Early, and I do mean early, possession for India.

3.30 pm: Don't forget the Asian Gmaes hockey tournament is only 60 minutes, not the usual 70, with four 15-minute quarters.

3.29 pm: So, will it be Sardar's day or Abbasi's? Will VR Raghunath smash a couple of piledrivers via a penalty corner to help India win the gold medal?

We're about to find out. The final is about to start in a couple of minutes.

3.25 pm: Highlights of the group match are being shown now, which Pakistan won 2-1.

But then, the highlight of this Asian Games men's hockey tournament has surely been that brilliant individual piece of brilliance from Akashdeep Singh to send India into the final in that semifinal against South Korea.

3.22 pm: Nope, just the studio and unnecessary conversation. Let's get some pictures of the pitch gentlemen! Just to create that buzz.

3.20 pm: Ten Sports are about to start their coverage.

3.16 pm: Much will dependon who controls the game in this final. If Sardar Singh can do what he usuall does, just dominate that midfield, then India will stand a really good chance of keeping Pakistan at bay.

However, what will also be important from India's point of view, is just how well they take their chances. You need to put those clear-cut chances inside the box and the penalty corners away if you are going to top Pakistan.

For India's rivals, Shakeel Abbasi will be one of the biggest threats, with their playmaker Shafwat Rasool also a man to watch.

3:11 pm: A little under 20 minutes to go before the warriors (too big a word?) take the field. Pakistan have had a stranglehold of the Asian Games title in the past, and India last beat Pakistan in the final of the Asian Games way, way back (before most of us were born) in 1966.

3.03 pm: Hello and welcome everyone. Sit back and enjoy as IBTimes India takes you through what promises to be a humdinger of an India vs Pakistan Asian Games final match.

If you do not have a TV next to you, this is the place to be. If you do have a TV next to you, keep this page open as well for a bit of colour commentary!

It doesn't get much bigger than India vs Pakistan, no matter what sport. But, what fun when it is hockey, the sport that these two countries dominated eons ago, before that pesky artificial turf and teamwork took precedence over sheer individual brilliance.

There will be plenty of individual brilliance, hopefully, on view when India take the field against Pakistan for this let's-pray-for-a-few-goals-and-plenty-of-goalmouth-action Asian Games men's hockey final/gold medal match.

India have not stood on top of that podium for 16 years and their last final was way back in 2002.

The extra dangling carrot, apart from that gold medal hanging around the neck, is the fact that the winner gets an automatic spot in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

So, plenty, plenty, plenty at stake here.

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