Rohit Sharma India ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Rohit Sharma is happy as punch after completing his first World Cup centuryReuters

5.09 pm: What a performance again from India, the seventh time they have bowled a team out at this World Cup. Dhoni picks up his 100th win as captain with the victory as well, and it might have been a whole lot different if not for the partnership between Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina in the first innings.

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Those two took the game away from Bangladesh, and the moment India went past 300, well 280 really, the match was as good as done.

Bangladesh could not really put up enough of a fight with the bat, with plenty getting starts, but nobody even getting near a half-century. India's pace bowlers, with their short ones, did the trick again, while the spinners R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were also impressive.

It is onto the SCG now for India, with the winner of Australia vs Pakistan awaiting them in the semifinals.

That's it from me and IBTimes India for this match. Do check back tomorrow for the third quarterfinal in Adelaide between Australia and Pakistan. Should be a brilliant one.

5.07 pm: "We can't shy away from the fact that we are playing some good cricket," says Dhoni. "We were not playing so well earlier, and all the credit must go to the boys for lifting themselves up. There are not many players in the top runscorers list, but still we have put runs on the board, and that is good.

"We wanted to improve on our bowling it was an area of concern. The bowlers have done the job well. Even last time in South Africa or New Zealand, that is where we were struggling.

"It is difficult to say what has really changed. In cricket there are a lot of abstracts, and sometimes everything just shapes up."

Also says the brilliant one-handed catch was a fluke with a smile.

5.04 pm: "The toss might have been crucial, we would have liked to bat first," saysMashrafe Mortaza. "We didn't take advantage of the early wickets. I think 300 is always a difficult task, and 280 might have been a better target.

"I think the fans and the boys should be happy with the efforts. Hopefully we can carry on from here."

4.58 pm: Rohit Sharma is the man of the match. "I think this innings will be right up there with the best. It was at a situation when the team needed it the most. I wanted to bat for as long as well and put the team in a good situation and then the bowlers did a wonderful job.

"Batting at the top of the order, it is always important to get big hundreds, and I'm happy the way we performed today as a team.

"Bowlers are taking wickets, batsmen are scoring runs and we just need to carry this momentum into the semis now. We have two more games to go now, hopefully we can carry the momentum."

4.49 pm: Wicket, Sabbir gone! India have won by 109 runs! Another short delivery, another pull another catch, this time at fine leg by Shami ends the match. A comprehensive win as Bangladesh are bowled out for 195 in 45 overs.

4.48 pm: Rubel copping a few short balls and verbals after his sendoff to Kohli earlier in the day.

Wicket, Rubel gone! Short ball doesthe trick as Yadav gets a quick one and all Rubel can do is shovel it to Ashwin at square leg. Bangladesh 193/9 in 44.4 overs.

4.44 pm: Mohit bowls a quiet over, Bangladesh just going through the motions now trying not to get bowled out, and as I say that, Mashrafe is given out. A full delivery from Mohit, Mashrafe tries to guide it to third man, but only gets an edge with the ball nestling into Dhoni's gloves. Bangladesh 192/8 in 44 overs.

4.37 pm: Another quiet Jadeja over done. A boundary is taken via an outside edge past short third man and Nasir slog sweeps another for a four to cow corner.

Wicket, Nasir gone! Bangladesh 189/7 in 43 overs. After those two boundaries, Nasir goes for another through the offside, but can only find Ashwin at cover. Good little hand from him, albeit much after the match was gone.

4.34 pm: Nasir playing a few good shots here. Brings out the pull again and hits Mohit front of square for a boundary. Keeps the short ball going does Mohit, and only five runs off the over. Bangladesh 179/6 in 42 overs.

4.29 pm: Jadeja now, and Nasir hits a boundary over mid-on first ball. Blockathon after that, however, Bangladesh 174/6 in 41 overs.

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4.27 pm: Nasir Hossain should be walking back to the pavilion, as he hits Ashwin, in his last over, straight to Dhawan at point. Dhawan grasses a simple enough catch low down. Bangladesh 169/6 in 40 overs at the end of the Batting Powerplay.

4.24 pm: Shami is not going away from the short ball. Keeps banging it in, four runs off the penultimate Batting Powerplay over. Bangladesh 165/6 in 39 overs.

4.20 pm: Good over fromYadav, just two off it, Bangladesh 161/6 in 38 overs. Two more overs of the Powerplay.

4.16 pm: Shami now, and he starts with a bouncer that's called a wide. Short deliveries aplenty, played well enough by Sabbir and Nasir Hossain, who gets a nice boundary with a cut off the back foot. Bangladesh 159/6 in 37 overs.

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4.11 pm: Yadav could have got a second wicket had there been a slip, with Nasir Hossain edging one past the area for a boundary. Sabbir then makes it three boundaries in the over with a pull through midwicket and mid-on and a cut past backward point. Bangladesh 152/6 in 36 overs.

4.07 pm: Batting Powerplay now. Will Bangladesh finally look to cut free? They really don't have any choice really, they must if they are to even come remotely close. Yadav to bowl the first over.

Wicket, Mushfiqur gone! First ball is a short delivery at pace, Mushfiqur is not ready for it, but goes for the pull and only manages a top edge. Dhoni takes a simple catch. Bangladesh 139/6 in 35.1 overs.

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4.02 pm: Jadeja continues, the final over before the Batting Powerplay. No risks taken from the batsmen, six singles. Bangladesh 139/5 in 35 overs. And it is drinks.

3.58 pm: Dhoni keeps Ashwin's one over for later, and Umesh Yadav returns. He bowled really well up front, had that rhythm with pace. Six runs off this one, Bangladesh 133/5 in 34 overs.

3.53 pm: Mushfiqur wants to go on the attack, but Jadeja are firing them in, and the little man does get hold of one, a slow sweep again for four. Bangladesh 127/5 in 33 overs.

3.50 pm: Ashwin into his ninth over, a little more busy this over than usual. Five off it, Bangladesh 119/5 in 32 overs.

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3.47 pm: Mushfiqur gets the slog sweep out finally, and takes Jadeja for a four over cow corner. It's one of his favourite shots, and it will make him feel good. Bangladesh 114/5 in 31 overs.

3.45 pm: Ashwin goes through his over quickly. Two off it, Bangladesh 107/5 in 30 overs.

3.43 pm: Jadeja keeps it tight, with Sabbir Rahman getting off the mark with a single off his third ball. Bangladesh 105/5 in 29 overs.

3.39 pm: Wicket, Shakib gone! Shakib never looked comfortable, and the wicket comes the first time he goes for a big shot. Tries to cut the ball over the infield, but only skews it to Shami at short third man for an easy catch. Bangladesh 104/5 in 28.2 overs.

3.38 pm: When is the attack coming? Not in this Ashwin over, which goes for only two runs, Bangladesh 104/4 in 28 overs.

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3.36 pm: Jadeja always gets through his overs quickly, and he does with this one as well. Two off it, Bangladesh 102/4 in 27 overs.

3.33 pm: Another quick over from Ashwin, does go for five runs, though, as Mushfiqur looks to attack him. Bangladesh 100/4 in 26 overs.

3.30 pm: Ravindra Jadeja for the first time. Hasn't been at his best, but it is a good time to bowl with Bangladesh looking to rebuild via their two best batsmen. Four runs off his first over, Bangladesh 95/4 in 25 overs.

3.26 pm: First run in nearly three overs, but that is as far as it goes, just a single off the over. Bangladesh 91/4 in 24 overs.

3.24 pm: Shami is bowling outstandingly. Short ball and then the ball that just goes outside off. Mushfiqur can't do much, a second straight maiden over, Bangladesh 90/4 in 23 overs.

3.20 pm: A maiden over from Ashwin follows to keep the pressure up, Bangladesh 90/4 in 22 overs.

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3.19 pm: Mushfiqur Rahim is in, and gets a short delivery greeting from Shami. No runs off the final two deliveries off the over, Bangladesh 90/4 in 21 overs.

3.15 pm: Sarkar gets a second boundary in this innings from the ramp shot. Shami keeps bowling short, and he helps it along over Dhoni's head.

Wicket, Sarkar gone! Shami comes back in the perfect manner. Bowls it short again, but this time it is more at the body. Sarkar looks for that same shot, but with no room, gets cramped and only manages to glide it to Dhoni, who takes a wonderful one-handed catch diving to his left. Dhoni is happy, Shami is ecstatic, Bangladesh are 90/4 in 20.4 overs.

3.12 pm: Ashwin not giving the ball enough air in this over after being taken for a six. Three off it, two singles and a wide, Bangladesh 86/3 in 20 overs.

3.09 pm: Shami will be geed up after the wicket, and he gets Shakib to play and miss a couple. Sarkar then mistimes a pull shot and it just goes beyond the left hand of Shami. Three runs off the over, Bangladesh 83/3 in 19 overs.

3.06 pm: Two left-handers, and Ashwin is brought back. A ripper of a delivery greets Shakib, as the ball drifts in, pitches on middle stump and spins and bounces away, missing the off stump by a whisker and completely squaring the batsman up. Sarkar takes the long handle to Ashwin off his final ball with a six to cow corner. Bangladesh 80/3 in 18 overs.

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3 pm: Shami returns after his first two overs went for 17 runs. Short balls the order of the day for Sarkar, who goes for a ramp shot again but nearly edges it through to Dhoni.

Wicket, Mahmudullah out! Goes for thepull shot but only manages to find Dhawan in the deep. Makes a mess of an easy catch, the ball bobbles out, and then he has the presence of mind to throw the ball at the second attempt, before coming back into the field of play and completing the catch. Poor and brilliant stuff in the same sequence of events there. Big wicket for India, as Mahmudullah, who had scored two straight centuries coming into this match, is dismissed. Bangladesh 73/3 in 17 overs.

2.53 pm: Raina continues with his third over. Plenty of singles taken, but a boundary also comes with it, as Sarkar lofts the ball over extra cover for a nice four. Bangladesh, 71/2 in 16 overs. And it is drinks.

2.49 pm: Mohit continues after the one over for Ashwin. He has been a little expensive, but bowls a decent over this time. Plenty of short deliveries, which Sarkar can't get away. A ball pitched up then nearly gets a wicket, as Sarkar goes for the drive, but can only lift it into the air. Goes a tad over short cover. Bangladesh 63/2 in 15 overs.

2.45 pm: Mahmudullah starting to force the issue now. A couple of paddle sweeps give shim three runs off the first couple of deliveries from Raina. a couple of singles and a two after that and it is another good over for Bangladesh 61/2 in 14 overs.

2.40 pm: Mahmudullah looking so good, a nice and easy loft over mid-on off Mohit Sharma, returning for Ashwin, nearly brings him a six, but the ball just falls short of the ropes for a one-bounce four. He gets a little carried away next ball, though, but gets away with it. Bangladesh 53/2 in 13 overs.

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2.36 pm: Raina is in, not Jadeja. Spin from both ends now. Good over from the part-time offspinner, a maiden, Bangladesh 46/2 in 12 overs.

2.33 pm: Ashwin for the first time. Right after the Powerplay, Dhoni looking for a wicket from his spinner. Sarkar is watchful the first few deliveries, and just two runs off the over. Bangladesh 46/2 in 11 overs.

2.30 pm: A ramp shot, a brilliant one, for four from Sarkar starts off the Mohit over, but then only a single off the last ball, Bangladesh 44/2 in 10 overs. Powerplay done.

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2.25 pm: Yadav is in the zone, bowling really good lines. Sarkar can't do much with the first three deliveries, and then he gets one on his legs and he flicks it for a single to get off the mark. Changes the line from left to right-hander well as well, just one off the over, Bangladesh 39/2 in 9 overs.

2.21 pm: Couple of absolute peaches from Mohit to greet Mahmudullah to the crease. Ball just nipping a little off the pitch. Mahmudullah gets off the mark with a really nice in-the-air drive over backward point for a boundary, Bangladesh 38/2 in 8 overs.

2.17 pm: Mahmudullah, the centurion from the last two games, comes in. No runs taken int eh last two balls, Bangladesh 33/2 in 7 overs.

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2.14 pm: Wicket, Kayes run out! Awfulfrom the new man Soumya Sarkar. Dabs it to short third man goes for the run, watching the ball and then suddenly just decides to go back to his crease. By then Kayes is more than halfway down the pitch, and Ravindra Jadeja, springs, dives and throws the ball to Yadav who whips off the bails. Sold down the river by Sarkar was Kayes. Two wickets in two balls, Bangladesh 33/2 in 6.4 overs.

2.10 pm: Wicket, Tamim out! Tamim goes forthe expansive drive, and he gets the outside edge, which Dhoni latches on low down. Or does he? They go upstairs for it as Tamim waits, and the replays show a clean catch. Big wicket for India this. Bangladesh 33/1 in 6.3 overs.

2.08 pm: Shami is taken off after his expensive over, and Mohit is given the ball by Dhoni. On target from ball one. Tamim comes down the track and throws his bat at the ball, it skews off the outer half of the bat and goes for four over backward point. No mucking around from Tamim here, he wants to invoke the 2007 glory. Tamim takes two off the next ball with a pull shot, should have been three but some poor running and good fielding keeps it at two. Then Tamim goes for another big shot over the offside, takes the outer edge, but falls well short of Ashwin at third man. Bangladesh 31/0 in 6 overs.

2.03 pm: Kayes gets off the mark with a three through the covers, Jadeja stopping the ball from hitting the ropes with a brilliant effort. Tight over from Yadav, otherwise, Bangladesh 23/0 in 5 overs.

2 pm: First boundary for Bangladesh, a straight drive from Tamim past the left of mid-off fetches him a four. And then a bit of room outside off from Shami, and Tamim punishes him with a boundary past point, right around when they were going down memory lane showing Bangladesh's win over India in the 2007 World Cup, with Tamim a big part of that victory.

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Shami losing his line now, bowling it wide and full and Tamim eases it past the covers for a third boundary in the over. Bangladesh get their chase kickstarted, 20/0 in 4 overs.

1.55 pm: Yadav is hitting his lengths well, keeping it full and tempting the drive from the two left-handers. Good over from Yadav, a maiden, Kayes still to get off the mark. Bangladesh 7/0 in 3 overs.

1.50 pm: Decent first overfrom Shami, plenty of pace and zip. The direction was not quite on the mark, though. Bangladesh 7/0 in 2 overs.

1.49 pm: Big miss for India there, as they don't go for a review. Kayes leaves a ball outside off taking the bat away late. There was clearly a sound and the fielders in the slips were excited, but Dhoni wasn't. Snicko shows a big edge and the replays suggest he hit it definitely. Big let off for Bangladesh this. Maybe karma making it even after that Rohit no-ball decision.

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1.45 pm: Yadav starts with a sound delivery on off, and then Tamim gets off the mark with a flick to the onside. A really good delivery after that to Tamim, which he defends, and then another dot, before a single is taken to fine leg. Bangladesh 3/0 in 1 over.

1.42 pm: Players are back, India team go into the huddle. Bangladesh need 303 for a win. Umesh Yadav to start with the ball for India, Tamim Iqbal on strike.

1.18 pm: Some brilliant batting from India in the final 15 overs. They were in some strife at 79/2 and 115/3, but the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane proved to be a blessing in disguise. Suresh Raina came in and filled the batting with confidence and quick runs, while Rohit showed just why he is considered such a great ODI batsman. Big challenge for Bangladesh. Back after the break.

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1.16 pm: "It was important, big game, a quarterfinal, wanted to post a big score," says Rohit. "Glad we reached 300, and now we have to bowl well. It was difficult for me, especially we lost a couple of wickets in the middle. At the start we knew the wicket would be slow and low, so too my time first and then wanted to stay until the end.

"All the shots I played I liked, but after the rain the ball was coming on a nicely. I think it is a decent total, we know the Bangladeshi batsmen, so we can't underestimate them.

"We will have to bowl and field really well, take out catches and get a couple of run outs as well."

1.13 pm: Ashwin almost goes first ball, as he is nearly caught after a lap shot to third man. The single brings Jadeja on strike, but he can only take a single. Good four deliveries from Rubel, and only four runs, and the fourth single brings up India's 300. A fifth delivery and a fifth single, leaves Jadeja with the final ball of the innings which he can only take a single from thanks to a nice yorker from Rubel.

India finish on 302/6 in 50 overs.

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1.07 pm: A couple of runs to start with, and then Jadeja hits a four, digs out a yorker and takes it past short fine. Bangladesh struggling in the field now as Imrul Kayes lets one through running from deep midwicket, and gives Jadeja another four. Mashrafe is absolutely losing it here, and that is not how a captains should be, unnecessarily screaming at everyone and everything. Jadeja going slam-bang in some style. Dhoni not timing the ball to his liking here as he fails to latch onto a good length delivery, should have gone for six, but only gets two. India 296/6 in 49 overs as Dhoni is caught out to give Taskin another wicket. Last over now.

Goes for the big heave but only manages a top edge, presenting a simple catch to Nasir Hossain at point.

1.01 pm: Shakib bowls two really good deliveries which Dhoni can't do anything with. A single follows and then Jadeja edges one behind the wicket for a boundary. hard on Shakib, but the next four is all Jadeja's as he slaps one past cover for a second consecutive four. A single off the final ball, India 283/5 in 48 overs.

12.58 pm: A brilliant, simply brilliant, century from Rohit. The 137 from 126 balls was just what was needed and it has put his team in a good position. Brilliant delivery and comeback from Taskin, that shows the talent he has as well. Ravindra Jadeja now in.

12.56 pm: Bowling short to Dhoni are the fats bowlers, and he hasn't quite been able to take advantage. Rohit misses out on a short and wide delivery, but then another short one comes from Taskin, and Rohit smashes it to cow corner for a six. Another short delivery, another boundary, this time a four behind square on the legside. Can't get the elevation to clear the offside field off the next delivery, with the ball just dropping short of Shakib and then a corker of a yorker castles Rohit

Wicket, Rohit out, India 273/5 in 47 overs.

12.51 pm: Rubel comes back and starts with a good full delivery, which Rohit can't hit. He just misses the length off his second delivery, though, and boy did Rohit make him pay for it, an outstanding flow of the bat and the ball flies over mid-off for a huge six. Rubel digs in short, Rohit waits for it and smashes it to cow corner for a four. A good slower ball from Rubel gets Rohit only a single, with Dhoni then taking another one. Rohit then times one perfectly through extra cover and mid-off for another four. India 261/4 in 46 overs.

12.45 pm: MS Dhoni comes in, plays a couple of dot balls to Taskin Ahmed, and then gets off the mark with a single to deep midwicket. A couple for Rohit, via some brilliant running from Dhoni, and then a single. India 245/4 in 45 overs.

12.40 pm: Rohit finishes the over well with a wonderful backfoot drive for four, India 241/4 in 44 overs.

12.37 pm: Mashrafe into his final over, a couple of singles, one off a misfield, and Raina look to take him out of the ground. Can't time it, and the ball just falls short of long-on. A couple of runs still, but India just failing to find the boundaries in the last couple of overs.

Wicket, Raina out! Hegoes for a big hoick across the line, only gets a top/leading edge and the ball goes up in the sky with wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim running back, getting under it and completing a good catch. A much-needed wicket for Bangladesh, brilliant innings, though from Raina. India 237/4 in 43.5 overs.

12.33 pm: Shakib continues, his ninth over. A dot ball, a single, another dot, a single as Raina just fails to time the ball right, a single and another one and it is a good over. India 233/3 in 43 overs.

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12.29 pm: Rohit moves to 98 with a single to deep point off Mashrafe, brings Raina on strike and he shifts to the off stump and lifts the ball past the two men behind square for a boundary. Raina is definitely not at a 100 percent, he is struggling to motor for the quick single as Rohit moves to 99. Another single from Raina gives Rohit the strike for the last ball, and he gets a hundred with a two to sweeper cover, a century in just 108 balls. To make matters worse it is a no-ball as well as Mashrafe had only four fielders in the circle, poor stuff, it was obvious to everyone but Bangladesh. India 229/3 in 42 overs.

12.22 pm: Three singles off the first three balls, and the third one gives Raina a half-century, a much-needed one for his team. Rohit then gets a little lucky again as a cut shot gets only a thick edge which goes past short third man for another four. A single after that and Raina takes another boundary, India 217/3 in 41 overs.

12.19 pm: India needed that, 50 runs off the five overs. They rode their luck a touch, but there was also some good, calculated hitting. Onto the final ten overs now.

12.17 pm: Easy singles on offer and India more than glad to take them and then Rohit is caught at midwicket, but a no-ball is called for a waist-high full toss. Lucky boy is Rohit, as it could have easily been ignored, and India get away with one there. A few risks being taken here, as Raina just evades the fielder following a mistimed pull. It also brings up the 200. Raina then brings out a nice cover drive that pierces the gap and runs away to the boundary. India 205/3 in 40 overs. 50 runs in the Batting Powerplay.

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12.12 pm: Taskin Ahmed to finish off his over, after two runs were taken off the first ball before the delay. The two batsmen take their time to come out onto the field, with Raina probably just getting a little bit of treatment. A single is taken off the first ball on return by Raina, and then Rohit glides/edges one to the third man boundary for another four. A slip comes in after that shot and Rohit just misses him to glide the ball for a single. Another couple of singles and India 194/3 in 39 overs.

12.02 pm: The covers are coming off. So, thankfully not much of a rain delay and play will start in a couple of minutes.

12.01 pm: It comes at the wrong time for India, who were really motoring in the Batting Powerplay, scoring 29 runs off the first three overs. Raina has come in and given the impetus, while Rohit has looked serene, calm and just plain good. It doesn't look like the rain will stay for too long, fingers crossed, of course. India 186/3 in 38.1 overs.

11.59 am: A little sprinkling of rain. Raina is struggling a little here, probably a twinge of the hamstring or a touch of cramp. Not running like he usually can. And the players are walking off as the rain comes down.

11.55 am: Rubel Hossain is brought back finally after his brilliant first spell of six overs. A single off the first ball from Raina as he fails to middle a big shot attempt. With the fielders standing on the edge of the circle there are easy singles on offer, and then Raina gets that boundary off the over again as he just helps a full toss on leg stumps to the boundary. Two more singles off the over, India 184/3 in 38 overs.

11.50 am: Shakib to bowl in the Powerplay. He is outstanding in these overs, but Raina says doesn't matter and smashes it over long-on for a big six. Pressure off the over immediately with that six, and then Rohit sweeps over short fine leg for to finish off the over, 11 off it. India 175/3 in 37 overs.

11.46 am: No fielders front of square on the offside, and Raina makes room and lofts it over covers for a boundary first ball. Mashrafe changes third man to cover point, and Raina dabs one in between of the two fielders behind point for another boundary. Two fours and two dots off the first four balls, and a single and a dot in the next two, India 164/3 in 36 overs.

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11.41 am: Nasir Hossain finishing off his quota quickly so that Bangladesh can get their fifth bowler out of the way. Just three runs off the over, India 155/3 in 35 overs. Batting Powerplay time.

11.38 am: Mashrafe continues, better one this time around, and there is a huge appeal for lbw as Raina walks across his stumps. Mashrafe goes for the review after it is given not out, and it looks pretty adjacent, and the ball tracker shows the ball is pitching outside leg stump, lucky escape for Raina as Bangladesh lose their review. It would have gone and banged into middle and off stump no doubt. A boundary also come from the over, as Rohit glides one off the face of his bat to the third man boundary to bring up his team's 150. India 152/3 in 34 overs.

11.32 am: Nasir Hossainfiring them flat and no easy singles on offer. Four off the over, India 147/3 in 33 overs.

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11.29 am: Mashrafe brings himself in and bowls a short and wide one first up, which is spanked by Rohit for a four past backward point. Then some really bad fielding from Bangladesh, gives India two overthrows with Mushfiqur letting a throw go. A bit if a release-pressure over this for India, 10 off it, 142/3 in 32 overs.

11.24 am: The match turned completely in Bangladesh's favour after the first drinks break, with Dhawan falling the over after. Will it be the same again, or can India make a comeback by playing patient, intelligent cricket?

11.21 am: Nasir Hossain doing a good job at one end, holding things up, India 132/3 in 31 overs. And it is drinks.

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11.18 am: The squeeze remains on the India batsmen, with plenty of fielders in the circle. Taskin gets the outside edge of Raina as well, but the ball flies through fourth slip for a boundary, India living dangerously, 126/3 in 30 overs.

11.12 am: Nasir Hossain returns, and India get four welcome byes. Aleem Dar seems to be struggling a little, looks like something has stung him on the neck and he is clearly not happy. Strange decision from him as he calls a ball down the legside for four byes, instead of four wides, and India lose a run and an extra ball. Probably a good thing they don't have to face that extra ball, though. India 120/3 in 29 overs.

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11.05 am: Rohit gets his first boundary in a while with a crisp flick through midwicket, but Rahane keeps finding it difficult to rotate the strike. Too much of the balls he has been taking, and Rohit needs to come into play more.

Wicket, Rahane gone! India 115/3 in 28 overs.

Rahane has looked awful, struggling from ball one. Looks for the shot over mid-off off Taskin and doesn't get even remotely off the middle. The ball skews off his bat which turns and lobs kindly to Shakib.

11.01 am: One bad ball from Shakib and Rahane can't find the gap, as he pulls a short ball straight to deep midwicket. Rohit then takes a single to long-on to get to his half-century in 70 balls. Needs to keep going and get that strike rate up a bit as well. India 108/2 in 27 overs.

10.58 am: Brilliant stuff from Bangladesh, not giving even the singles away, and Rahane looks more stuck than two fingers with superglue in between. Cannot take singles to save his life at the moment, and a boundary comes via his blade courtesy an outside edge past where a slip could have been. Outstanding bowling here, but first boundary for India in a long, long time. India 105/2 in 26 overs.

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10.54 am: Singles, plentyand plenty of singles are the order of the day at the MCG, but India are not quite able to get them often enough. Both Rohit and Rahane are getting stuck. India 99/2 in 25 overs, under four runs an over now the run rate.

10.52 am: Yes, a couple of wickets have gone early, but India need to start picking up runs, otherwise they will be in danger of going Sri Lanka's way from yesterday. Calculated risks the key her for the batsmen, because at 4 runs an over right now, India are really struggling, even if there is half the innings to go.

10.51 am: Taskin Ahmed,a bowler equally quick, replaces Rubel, and keeps the pressure firmly on India, just one off it, 96/2 in 24 overs.

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10.46 am: Shakib keeps churning them out, singles and twos from the over, India 95/2 in 23 overs.

10.44 am: Bit of clouds hovering over the MCG, much like India's position at the moment. Hopefully, the rain stays away, because this is a gripping contest.

10.43 am: Rubel intohis sixth over. Won't be bowling much more in this spell, and India just need to see him off and then look at the others. That is what they do, India 89/2 in 22 overs.

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10.39 am: Rubel has fantastic figures of 5-0-11-1, with Shakib also not giving anything away. India very wary here, just two runs off it. India 86/2 in 20 overs.

10.35 am: The two best bowlers for Bangladesh have struck, and they are bowling really well in tandem. Not giving anything away. India need to just ride this wave of Bangladesh momentum and rebuild. India 84/2 in 20 overs.

10.31 am: A tidy over from Shakib as expected, India 81/2 in 19 overs.

10.28 am: Rubel steps up admirably and it was all too easy as Kohli took the bait outside off the found the edge. Rahane and Rohit need to stay at the crease for a while now, India 79/2 in 18 overs.

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10.24 am: Kohli's record against Bangladesh is shown, and it is pretty good. He's the key now, and the wicket Bangladesh will want most.

Wicket, Kohli gone

Good tight over from Rubel, and then he produces that ball outside off, which Kohli goes for. An edge is the only thing he can manage, however, and Bangladesh are over the moon. India in a spot of bother here on 79/2 in 17.5 overs.

10.20 am: Shakib gets the vital wicket for Bangladesh, and they will now look for a few more. Virat strides in confident and picks three runs from his first three balls. India 78/1 in 17 overs.

10.17 am: Shakib for the first time, and his bowling will be crucial for both sides. India will be cautious in playing him to ensure they don't give away any wicket. Shakib was quite impressive against New Zealand, and he will look for another such spell.

Wicket, Dhawan (30, 50b, 3x4), out stumped.

I said Shakib was the danger man, and the danger man strikes. Dhawan goes for the drive outside off, misses the ball and he is out of balance. The foot does not come back in time with Mushfiqur quick as he can whipping off the stumps. Big wicket for Bangladesh. India 75/1 in 16.3 overs.

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10.11 am: Plenty of short balls from Rubel in the over, and at good pace too. Bangladesh go for an appeal as Dhawan whiffs at a short one. The umpire gives it not out and there is no review, with no nick showing on the snicko either. Good over from Rubel, India 72/0 in 16 overs. Drinks break now.

10.05 am: Nasir, Bangladesh's fifth bowler, getting away with plenty of overs here. India letting him do that to be honest, even the full tosses are not being dispatched as they should. Biding their time, are the two batsmen, and as I say that, Rohit says enough of this and smacks one straight back over the bowler for the first six of the match! India 70/0 in 15 overs.

10.03 am: Rubel being wasted here a bit, not really threatening to take a wicket, and if he does it will probably be via a mistake from the batsman. Should have bowled first up, especially with Mashrafe clearly far from 100 percent fit. Four singles from the over, India 63/0 in 14 overs.

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9.58 am: Mahmudullah gets just the one over and Nasir is given a change of ends. India not taking any risk at all. Big shots have been at a premium and Rohit's dot ball percentage is increasing by the over. India 59/0 in 13 overs.

9.54 am: And Rubel it is. Good couple of deliveries first up to Rohit, and then single. Bangladesh have pulled things back well. India 56/0 in 12 overs.

9.50 am: More spin courtesy Mahmudullah. Dhawan misses a gift first up, unable to smash a full toss out of the park, and then it is about the singles and twos. Surely time for Rubel. India 55/0 in 11 overs.

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9.46 am: spin of Nasir Hossain continues. Easy singles on offer, and the batsmen more than happy to take them. Then a rank long-hop nearly gets a wicket as Rohit shovels it straight back, with Nasir Hossain just unable to hang onto it low down to his right. Difficult chance that, India 51/0 in 10 overs. Powerplay over.

9.43 am: Mashrafe surprisingly continues, as Rubel continues his wait for a bowl. First ball is pulled, not too well, over midwicket for a couple, and then a better-timed flick to the same spot fetches him a boundary. Nothing much after that, India 47/0 in 9 overs.

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9.38 am: Nasir Hossain getting through a couple of quick overs here, and just as I say that Rohit steps out and bangs one over the infield for a four, India 41/0 in 8 overs.

9.35 am: Dhawan picks up his second boundary of thematch with a cut past point, and India release just that tad bit of pressure that had been created over the last couple of overs. Mashrafe is not exactly pushing through here, speeds at well under 120. India 36/0 in 7 overs.

9.29 am: Spin for the first time and it is early. Nasir Hossain is given the ball, and there will be plenty more spin coming from Bangladesh, no doubt. A slip and a leg-slip for Rohit after Dhawan takes a single to long-off off the first ball. Rohit cautious, takes no chances, India 28/0 in 6 overs.

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9.26 am: Much betterthird over from Mashrafe, good lines and lengths and the over nearly brings about a run out too as Dhawan slips while going for a single. But, the opener makes his ground at the wicketkeeper's end and then takes another quick single off the final ball. India 26/0 in 5 overs.

9.20 am: Rohit gets the pull shot out of his armoury and it fetches him a boundary to the square leg boundary. Taskin just getting a little too carried away with the short ball there. Taskin pitches the ball up outside off and Rohit plays and misses. A couple more runs taken in the over via a clip to backward square from Rohit. India 23/0 in 4 overs.

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9.15 am: Rohit gets a little luck as an outsideedge falls well short of the slips, five runs off that over, India, 17/0 in 3 overs.

9.13 am: How about that for a shot from Rohit, a gorgeous straight push and there goes another boundary. beautiful shot that and the quick outfield does the rest.

9.11 am: Taskin Ahmed starts at the other end. A couple of short deliveries to start off with and then keeps the ball just outside off to Dhawan, the perfect line. Very good first over from Taskin, ruined by the final ball as Dhawan gets off the mark with a patented drive through the covers for a boundary. India 12/0 in 2 overs.

9.06 am: Mashrafemore on target after that, and gets a ball to beat Rohit's bat. He strays onto the pads off the fifth delivery, however, and it goes for four leg-byes. Good start for the batting team this, India 8/0 in 1 over.

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9.03 am: Mashrafe to open the bowling for Bangladesh and the first ball is a wide one, which Rohit eases past point for a boundary. Full and wide, and Rohit just guides it through the gap for a brilliant four.

9.02 am: Rohit and Dhawan walk onto the field. Dhawan made a brilliant hundred the last time he was at this ground, and he will be hoping for an encore.

8.59 am: Alright, both National Anthems done, time for the second quarterfinal.

8.54 am: The National Anthems about to start. Indian flags aplenty at the MCG.

8.49 am: This is the first time India will be batting first, after their last match at the MCG against South Africa. So, it has been a while.

8.47 am: Warne with the pitch report, and the Australia legend believes the win might play a part. "The pitch is an absolute belter and it is really, really hard," he says.

8.43 am: Supporters are streaming in, India are expected to get the bulk of the support, but Bangladesh will not be too shy of support either, with around 30,000 fans expected to come and make a bit of a sea of green at the MCG.

8.37 am: India will be happy to have won the toss and they will look to do just what they did at the MCG last time around – make a big score. Bangladesh will need early wickets, and they will look to their skipper Mashrafe, Rubel Hossain and Taskin Ahmed for that.

8.34 am: No changes for India, not surprisingly, while Mashrafe Mortaza comes in for Bangladesh after missing the New Zealand game through injury.

Here are the teams: India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (capt and wk), Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

Bangladesh:  Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed.

8.31 am: India have won the toss after Mashrafe calls wrong, and they will bat. "A big game, so we want to put up a big total," says MS Dhoni. "If we manage to do what we have been doing, then we will be pretty pleased."

8.28 am: Toss in a couple of minutes. Bangladesh have done pretty well bating first and putting on a score they can defend. Will Mashrafe Mortaza call it right? Answer in two minutes.

8.26 am: Shane Warne agrees with Deano as well, and it is a bat-first wicket he says. So, we know what the captains are going if that toss of the coin goes their way.

8.25 am: Dean Jones with a few stats, and he believes the pitch will be good for batting. Bat first and put up a big score is his mantra, as seven of the last ten games at the MCG have been won in that manner, including, of course, that India vs South Africa match in the group stages.

8.14 am: India will want to march their merry way after six wins in a row, while Bangladesh will look for that unbelievable upset, in possibly the biggest match in their history – this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarterfinal certainly promises to be an interesting one.

Will India run away with it early, much like South Africa did yesterday? Or will Bangladesh find that extra level needed to make India nervous and eventually topple them?

Head and heart says India will ease into the semifinals without too many worries, but the way Bangladesh have played, the one thing that the champions cannot do is take their opponents lightly.

To be fair to MS Dhoni's men, they haven't relaxed one bit in any of their matches, even after their qualification to the quarterfinals were sealed quite early.

It might all come down to how India handle the immense pressure, because they go into this match as the overwhelming favourites. The fact that Bangladesh are not expected to threaten India, might work in their favour, as they can go out to the MCG and play some fearless cricket, much like they did in their last two pool matches.

There is a fear of rain in Melbourne, with heavy showers predicted by the MET department for the afternoon. Hopefully, the rain stays away and we get a full match in. There is a reserve day for all quarterfinals, and if the match is rained out then as well, then India go through having finished top of their group.

India the favourites, Bangladesh the underdogs, India looking to match up to their performance in 2011, Bangladesh looking to invoke memories from 2007. Anything is possible folks, so stay here for all news and updates of the match as it happens live.

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