Aidan Gillen in a still from Ep 4 'Spoils of War'
Aidan Gillen in a still from Ep 4 'Spoils of War'HBO

When one of the best villains reveals anything about the episode finale, chances are that there might be some truth to it.

Aidan Gillen, who starred in HBO's hit blockbuster as Little Finger last appeared in the show in season 7. His death has been relished the most by Sansa Stark fans and ever since he left the show, Aidan has been working as the lead in Project Blue Book, a science-fiction exploration on the existence of alien life.

In a recent interview, Gillen shared a very interesting theory that somehow syncs with Game of Thrones' recent poster that shows the face of a dragon getting fused with the throne. Many fans have predicted that the iron throne will be destroyed by a dragon and Gillen's theory somehow starts to make things more believable.

"I don't picture that being a thing that's going to happen. It would be a bit boring. I don't know, I think initially that was the thing - there was a quest for an ultimate winner who was going to rule from the Iron Thron," Gillen said in the interview to

Gillen further recalled his days as Littlefinger and revealed that he was not surprised when he discovered that his character would be meeting his maker in season 7. Gillen even spilt some beans about the character he is currently playing.

About Dr J. Allen Hynek, who is on the quest to see if UFOs and aliens actually exist, Gillen says, "I would describe him as a thoughtful innovator, dogged and slightly obsessive, a friendly and warm family man, who gets sucked in to this world and this phenomenon he's investigating and it puts him in some state of peril."

After playing the role of a villain in Game of Thrones, Gillen felt that he wanted to try something different and that was the reason why chose to play the role of doctor, Allen Hynek.