The Lion King has received a live-action makeover and its first teaser trailer was released on November 22. The trailer is a minute and a half long video, but it perfectly sets up the tone of the film that promises to capture the absolute magnificence and wonder that the original film delivered.

For many, the original Lion King animated movie was a revelation. The redemption story arc which had Simba accept his true place in the kingdom, the evil Scar taking over the family, the romance, music, and voice acting were second to none. The film was and remains to this day, a true masterpiece that was not just a product of its time.

The new film promises all that and more. While taking on a rather serious tone, the film looks like it is going to once again awe audiences around the world. Reception for the trailer has so far been overwhelmingly positive, seeing that the original music, camera movement, and storyline are all intact. This includes the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa. The updated CGI also seems extraordinary.

Here are a few reactions that fans of the original film had after watching the trailer.

Mufasa's death in the original Lion King was a heartbreaking moment, not just because of the King himself being killed by his brother, but also because of the way his little son is made to believe that he was responsible for his death. 

The Lion King was truly one of the favourite films for most kids in the 90s and like this commentator pointed out, a whole new batch of children are about to be introduced to something special. 

One of the most rousing parts of the trailer is Rafiki christening baby Simba and holding him up for all in the Kingdom to see with the opening lines of the "Circle of life" playing. 

As can be expected, not everyone was stoked about the film being made. One commentator went so far as to say that this new film has half the heart of the original.

The Lion King opens July 19, 2019, and stars Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa along with a long list of among the actors including Keagan Micheal-Key, Seth Rogen, and John Oliver. Hans Zimmer returns to score music for the film and Elton John is also back to rework his classics for this retelling. 

Lion King
The Lion King comes to screens July 19, 2019Disney via Facebook