life after death

Near-death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that has perplexed medical experts and spiritualists alike for years. While spiritualists consider NDE as proof of life after death, medical experts claim that the survival technique of the human brain during life-threatening events is causing visual hallucinations in the minds of the victim. Now, a woman named Sandi has shared her mindblowing near-death experience which she says is completely distressing.

In a recent testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Sandi claims that she died for almost 12 minutes following a cardiac arrest due to drug abuse. Unlike other NDE victims who describe the moments after death very pleasing, Sandi has a different story to tell. As per Sandi, her near-death experience was not at all calm, and all she felt was distressing moments.

"My experience two days ago was the most terrifying feeling I had ever encountered. I lay on the cold ground as the world went on around me. I could hear every sound, every footstep and every breath of my friends closest to me. I saw everything, despite my eyes being closed. I tried to hold onto memories, but nothing was working as everything was fading. Then, something was with me. It terrified me. I saw the darkness that felt so dark and evil. I was trying to scream but I couldn't. Everything I tried to hold onto faded while something was pushing me and telling me to move go with them. I felt such a horrible presence that it terrifies me even now as I think about it," wrote Sandi on her NDE testimonial.

In the testimonial, the NDE victim claimed that she saw a dark figure after exiting her body. She assured that this figure is otherworldly and might be a mystical being.

However, just like other NDE victims, Sandi also revealed that her thoughts were speeded up during these moments. and claimed to have understood everything about the universe.

A few days back, another woman named Pamela claimed to have listened to the songs of an angel during a near-death experience. As per Pamela, after reaching the mystical world, a heavenly entity apparently told that her time is not up, and as a result, she was forced to return to the physical world.