Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel of Wanna One on the cover of Marie Claire KoreaMarie Claire official instagram

"Letters from Angels" is an adoption campaign run by Korea's Social Welfare Society and photographer Cho Seihon for the past 16 years. This year marks the end of the long running adoption campaign with the final photo exhibit featuring Wanna One's Kang Daniel and actor Jung Woo Sung.

The campaign focuses on bringing awareness to orphans and single mothers by displaying photos of 100-day-old orphans with celebrities to promote adoption. Cho Se Hyun, founder of the project, posted previews of Kang Daniel and Jung Woo Sung with adorable children for the final leg of the exhibition.

In a behind the scenes video of the photo-shoot from Marie Claire, the two stars are seen adorably interacting with the babies. The stars are seen changing diapers, feeding them milk and cuddling them for a nap. Post the shoot, both the stars have reportedly written heartfelt letters expressing their love for the babies.

In the video Kang Daniel said, "I had heard a lot about photographer Cho Seihon's campaign before, and I am so happy to be able to participate this year. I hope that the beautiful babies I have met today are able to meet and be loved by new families".


Actor Jung Woo Sung said in the video: "I feel nervous. Before the shoot, and even during, I wondered if this campaign is something that I could do, because it's about someone's life. It's about perceptions of these lives and various societal issues, and it's not easy".

The campaign began in 2003 and has helped improve public perception of adoption in Korea with the help of 350 celebrities over the years. Photographer Cho Seihon emotionally expressed his gratitude to all the celebrities that he photographed for the campaign in the past 16 years.

He said, "I believe we have to create a culture of adoption such that there is no longer a need for these kinds of exhibits and promotions, and I think we are close to seeing that come true."

The exhibition titled "The Final Letters from Angels – Goodbye" will be on display from November 21 to 26 at the Insa Art Centre in Seoul.