Dogs playing in a park
Dogs playing in a parkGetty images- TIM SLOAN / Staff

Dog biscuits laced with nails were found scattered across a park in Pickering Pasture, Cheshire, England. The killer biscuits were found by a 31-year-old who had taken his Alaskan Malamutes for a walk early in the morning of February 21.

Adrian Hitchmough took both his and his parents' Alaskan Malamutes for a walk at the Hale Bank park at around 7 AM, according to a report in Liverpool Echo. Both the dogs Tia and Skye pulled him over when they smelled the "treats" lying on the grass.

Adrian managed to hold the dogs back and went to the spot to check what the Malamutes were trying to eat. To his horror, he found dog biscuits, each containing three nails pushed through them lying on the grass.

Adrian's mother Susan said that the dogs could have faced fatal consequences if they had swallowed the biscuits. She even warned people about the dangers.

"We are disgusted. We go down to that park on dog walks all the time but we won't go there again," she told Liverpool Echo.

The 50-year-old further said that her dogs were leading his son when they went out for a walk. 

"The dogs went over to get these biscuits after smelling them but Adrian pulled them back. He brought the dogs straight back home with these and I phoned my husband to tell him what had happened," she said.

A spokeswoman of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), said they found it very disturbing that someone would deliberately do something so evil to the innocent creatures.

"It is very fortunate that Hitchmough found these biscuits when he did, thankfully no animal will suffer the effects of ingesting them," she said, reports the Metro.

She even asked dog-walkers to be extra careful as dogs are naturally very curious animals and are easily drawn to any food on the floor.

"We urge dog-walkers to be cautious when walking in the area and to keep a close eye on their dogs while out walking. If you believe your dog has ingested something harmful, contact your vet immediately and follow any advice that they give you," she was quoted as saying by Metro. 

The spokeswoman said that the RSPCA should be contacted if someone gets to know the person behind strewing the nail laced dog biscuits at the Hale Bank park. The authorities can be contacted on 0300 1234 999.