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Every year, around 6.5 million companion animals end up in animal shelters in the US, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Little Lilou was one of such unfortunate pooches. But her transformation from a helpless creature with severe skin infection to a robust bulldog after getting love and care may lead you repose faith in humanity.

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Lilou was just seven months when she was found roaming around in the streets with respiratory problem and blisters all over her body. Following her rescue in 2015, she was first placed with an emergency foster carer in California, where she received treatment for infections.

Cora Frazer, Lilou's 37-year-old current owner, said that she became almost fur-less and was terrified of people. She fell in love with the pup as soon as she saw a cute photo on the Facebook page of the shelter.

After the foster care, Lilou was sent to Northwest Dog Project (NWDP) in Eugene, Oregon, where she received treatment for her damaged skin. With daily medicated baths and coconut oil massage, she started recovering. However, before new hair came out, the poor girl was left completely naked as every strand fell out exposing her black-spotted pink skin.

"Lilou was pretty fearful and shut down when she first arrived. Everything was baby steps with her," said Emma Scott, co-founder of NWDP, according to Metro.

Emma further said that with special baths, nutritious diet, coconut oil rubbing sessions and lots of love, "Lilou grew stronger and healthier and goofier by the day". She was then put for adoption and ultimately got the home she deserved in January 2016.

However, it was not an easy transition. Cora, who is a vintage shop owner, said that Lilou was terrified of her and her partner Carl Ernst. But with time and patience, the pup slowly began trusting them and at last became friends with their other three dogs.

Cora said, probably because of Lilou's shy nature and the fact that she is a mix breed she was dumped by a breeder who wanted a purebred bulldog.

Though she is still little wary of strangers and not comfortable in crowds, she is trying her best to be more social.

She also has an Instagram account called 'lilouthebulldog', with almost 7k followers, where all her pictures are posted. She is often seen taking peaceful naps or exploring new places.

It is really surprising to see how a little bit of love and affection can change a life.

Check out some of her pictures here:

Happy Gotcha Day to my lil baby gremlin Lilou ??? I know many of you know her story already but a few have asked so here ya go ? ....She was picked up on the streets in Southern California and taken to Baldwin shelter. They guessed her to be around 7 months old, painfully covered in mange and obviously very neglected. @loveleorescue and @nwdogproject made a plan to pull her as quickly as they could knowing that the shelter had no means to care for a dog in that condition. @luckydelilah was the first kind person to open her home to this terrified lil crusty nugget. She told me Lilou would run and hide from her in hopes she could escape her daily medicated baths ? but eventually started to love the coconut oil rub downs ? She found comfort and felt safest with @luckydelilah 's sweet senior girls Betty and Roxie ? When they decided Lilou was healthy enough to travel she came up to @nwdogproject where many more wonderful women (and their pups!) @lou_emma21 @alaine.mae @musicbikedogs would foster and continue to care for her. ? We fell in love the second we saw her picture and looked forward to every post by @nwdogproject We watched as all her hair fell out from her medicated baths (this picture is from those days!) and then it slowly started to grow back in again with the most adorable peach fuzz. We never thought in a million years we would get to be her people but the 2nd we met her it was over ? Actually, it was ultimately up to our dogs Emma said. They required her forever home to have at least one other dog that she would get along with because Lilou still found great comfort in having a dog pal. Birdie is a bit dog selective so we weren't sure how it would go but they actually hit it off right away (thanks to @sally_roney for the intro!) and were playing within a few hours ? We are so incredibly thankful to everyone we mentioned and anyone else who played a role in or continues to play a roll in her life.✨ We love you all! We couldn't party today due to work schedules but she'll be getting tons of love (swipe) and we're gonna go play tomorrow! (? @kelly_beal_photography ) So much more I wanted to type but there's limits ? I'll put more in our stories!

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She loves the beach ? #mamahope

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