Pakistan's nexus with terror groups has been exposed after the killing of a terrorist Sariq Altaf Baba during the ongoing fierce encounter in the forest of North Kashmir's Bandipora district. During the 36-hour-long gunbattle, three terrorists, including two foreigners, have been killed by the security forces.

Sariq Baba was among the three terrorists killed in the encounter, and they were part of the infiltrators who reportedly managed to sneak into the Indian side of the border by crossing the Line of Control (LoC). 

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Baba had travelled to Pakistan on a valid visa through the Wagha border

Instead of entering Pakistan through LoC for arms training, Sariq had travelled on a valid visa through the Wagha border in the year 2018. Baba had reportedly applied for a visa to get education in Pakistan. 

After getting terror training in the guise of education, Sariq had reportedly infiltrated along with some foreigners through LoC to reactivate terror activities in North Kashmir.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kashmir, Vijay Kumar said that Sariq, a resident of Bandipora, had exfiltrated via Wagah border in 2018 and had infiltrated recently through LoC. Sariq was affiliated with Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terror outfit. The other two terrorists killed in the gunfight at the Sumlar-Aragam area are believed to be foreigners.

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Over 100 Kashmiri youth travelled to Pakistan on a visa but never returned

Sariq is not an isolated case report that said that nearly 100 Kashmiri youths, who travelled to Pakistan on valid visas for short durations, have either disappeared after their return or not come back in the last three years.

In the year 2019, five terrorists were killed along the LoC in Tangdar area of Kashmir Valley. The probe revealed that four of the five Kashmiri terrorists killed had travelled to Pakistan for terror training on a valid visa through the Wagah border.

Agencies preparing data of youth travelled to Pakistan on visa

Reports said that security agencies have been collecting data of Kashmiri youths who travelled on a valid visa for durations ranging more than seven days over the last three years.

As per media reports, the figures were astonishing and in some of the cases, it was found that the youths never returned and in other cases, they disappeared after their return. Some youths, who travelled to Pakistan, were called for questioning and a proper analysis of their activities after their return was being carried out by the security agencies.