Before concluding the first season of FX's Legion, creator Noah Hawley teased the second season in the post credits of the last episode. Months after the show ended, the first page of the script from Legion's season 2 episode 1 was obtained by Entertainment Weekly and it teased Lenny and Oliver's fate.


When the show began, in the first episode, Lenny's character was killed. But as the episode concluded, Lenny actress Aubrey Plaza teased that Lenny will have a crucial role to play in the series. As the season panned out, it was revealed that Lenny housed the image of The Shadow King.

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With the break of the finale episode, it was understood that Lenny is here to stay. And now, the script shared by EW reveals how season 2 will begin. Leaving from where it began, the show will show Oliver leave his iced prison only to get captured in Lenny's Shadow King's trap. And the ride is going to be long.

According to the script, it is revealed that Oliver and Lenny are close on turquoise water and the camera pans across to establish that the two are on the concrete edge of a swimming pool. A woman's hand is dangling down. The camera will rise to find Lenny and Oliver laying on the lounge beside the pool.

Their conversation is mentioned below. The script hints that Oliver has landed into a special kind of hell and it will be a spine tingling and mind boggling experience.

Along with the script, Hawley teased their relationship and told EW, "Lenny and Oliver are being used by this character, Amahl Farouk. He wears their faces from time to time. It's his way of hiding himself. I had this thought of, 'What does Freddy Krueger do during the day?' I thought it was interesting, the idea of the downtime of these characters.

They're not being used and so what is the reality like for them? They're being placated, that they're in some place beautiful that may not actually be a physical space, it may be a mental space, like an astral plane. They have everything they need, they're by the pool, it's beautiful, but at a certain point, there's part of them that realises that they're just trapped in this reality they don't have any control over."

Legion is coming to Comic-Con later this month and more details on season 2 are expected to be released.