Harvey Specter and Mike Ross return with a bang in a tension loaded first episode of Suits season 7. The premiere episode of the new season also hinted at the last season from the law show, and watched too many things unfold in very little time. But the first episode also established who will be in charge during the first half of the seventh season, Donna.


Things began where they ended, the night of Louise's breakup with Tara. Picking up from the morning after the voice messages, we see thing "Litt"ing up as the foul-mouthed Louise returns to take charge of the new associates. After losing the woman closest to him in his life, the first episode watched him pounce at the other two women he considers family — Donna and Rachael.

But Louise's cry for help wasn't as loud as a silent Harvey's who almost led to the firm's closure. Taking up one of Jessica's clients, the new managing executive of the firm takes on too many troubles in the first episode – his new role, his final case with Mike, Donna's new demand and of course, his new romance with Dr. Paula.

On the other hand, fans watched Mike swoon into his new case and stun Jessica's client, only to find himself in a fix – corporate cases vs cases he really wants to fight. Fans saw a limited contribution from Meghan Markle's Rachael.

Attempting to mend Louise-associates problems with the aim to avoid legal action from within the firm, she was limited to a few scenes.

Harvey and MikeFacebook/Suits

There were very few wow moments from Harvey and Mike's relationship. The two were fighting their last case together as a team and it lacked punch. 

However, the star of the episode was Donna. Fans are going to get disappointed and rejoice at the same time. After Donna hints at wanting more in the concluding episode of season 6, fans pinned their hopes on a possible Donna-Harvey reunion with the start of season 7. However, that doesn't happen. Harvey proposes to Dr Paula, while Donna expects more stakes at the firm.

She heads straight into season 7 demanding a higher position. Does she get it? Of course, she is Donna. She fills in not only for an absent Harvey in the building but also attempts to bring in a "Jessica" perspective to the episode. In the concluding scene of the episode, Mike says, "Harvey's created a monster," to which Donna responds, "You have no idea," hinting the new season will showcase a powerful Donna take-over.

However, executive producer Aaron Korsh told TV Line that this promotion will mark the beginning of a stream of problems in Donna's life. "The downside of it is that it's a big leap to go from legal secretary to senior partner. It's going to have consequences for Donna without a doubt. That stuff is going to come back and have consequences in both (Donna and Harvery's) of their lives. So in that sense, it's not going to be everything that it's cracked up to be. But she's going to roll with those changes and, I think, do a really good job fighting for her position in the firm even after she's been given this position."

The new episode of Suits season 7 premiered on July 12 in USA and will be aired on July 14 in India. The first episode will be aired on Comedy Central at 8 pm.

You can watch it online here: 

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