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Blossom Entertainment, the actor's agency explained Lee Seo Won's predicament to join the military service while the court hearing for the sexual harassment case against the actor is slated to take place on November 22.

The agency claimed that "Lee Seo Won received a notice of enlistment on November 12, and his trial date for the fourth hearing was originally scheduled for November 22. In order to enlist after his trial, the actor had submitted questions to the Military Manpower Administration, but he received a final notice saying that according to current laws, attendance at trials does not fall under reasons for postponing one's military enlistment. Due to this Lee Seo Won has enlisted on November 20".  The agency also reinstated that, the actor sincerely hopes to attend his trial through the military court with the status of a soldier".

The fourth hearing was slated to take place at the Seoul Eastern District Court after the actor pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual harassment and for criminal threats made against him. According to sources, the presiding judge stated that "Lee Seo Won must receive his military assignment so his case can be transferred to the military courts" and he postponed the hearing to January 2019.

Earlier on May, actor Lee Seo Won was charged with sexual harassment and for threatening a female celebrity. According to reports, Lee Seo Won attempted to kiss and initiate physical contact with a female celebrity in an inebriated state. When his advances were rejected by the celebrity, the actor got infuriated and threatened her with a weapon.

Blossom Entertainment earlier stated that the actor realized his mistakes and "is deeply reflecting about causing concern to the other party due to his thoughtless actions".

Lee Seo Won has appeared in many drams including "Uncontrollably Fond", "Hospital Ship", "The Liar and His Lover" and many more. He is also the host for KBS's "Music Bank".