While You Were Sleeping
W actor Lee Jong Suk as prosecutor Jung Jae Chan in SBS romantic thriller While You Were Sleeping.YouTube/Screenshot

After While You Were Sleeping, South Korean star Lee Jong-Suk will be back on television with a short drama series on SBS. Jong-Suk will be reuniting with his While You Were Sleeping producing director (PD) for the drama titled Hymn of Death.

SBS television network confirmed Monday that the actor has been roped in for drama series Hymn of Death and will be playing the character of genius playwright Kim Woo-Jin.

"Lee Jong-Suk has confirmed that he will appear in the two-part series 'Hymn of Death.' He has decided to not receive a guaranteed fee for his appearance because he simply wishes to express his love for short dramas and he wants to show his support for producing director (PD) Park Soo Jin, who worked with Lee Jong-Suk on 'While You Were Sleeping' and will be co-producing the upcoming production," SBS said in a statement, according to Soompi.

Hymn of Death is the remake of a 1991 film based on the real-life story of Korea's first soprano Yun Sim-Deok. However, the new drama will be different as it will focus more on Kim Woo-Jin, who had an affair with Sim-Deok.

While You Were Sleeping PD Park Soo-Jin is confident that Jong-Suk will be able to portray Kim Woo-Jin's character on screen.

"I am confident that Lee Jong-Suk will be able to perfectly portray the two sides of Kim Woo-Jin as both a tormented intellectual and a young man in love. I am sincerely grateful to Lee Jong Suk for not only agreeing to appear in the drama but also decided to receive no guaranteed fee for his appearance," Soompi quoted Soo-Jin as saying.

Now that Lee Jong-Suk has been finalized for the male lead, the focus will move on the female lead. The makers have not announced the female lead, but fans are hoping that his W Two Worlds co-star Han Hyo-Joo will reunite with the actor for this drama series.