A senior Law Ministry official tested positive for the Covid-19 pandemic, following which a part of Shastri Bhavan, which houses several ministry offices, was sealed, officials confirmed on Tuesday, May 5.

law ministry office
As per the protocol, tracing of his contacts has been initiated.Twitter

This is the second incident in the Lutyens' zone of the sealing of a government building. Earlier, the NITI Aayog building was sealed after an official tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

As per a senior official, the officer of the Law Ministry had last visited his office on the fourth floor of the Shastri Bhavan on April 23 whereas he tested positive on May 1.

As per the protocol, tracing of his contacts has been initiated. The official said that the fourth floor of 'A' wing from Gate number 1 to Gate number 3 of Shastri Bhavan has been sealed and is being sanitised.

Certain gates and lifts will also remain closed till Wednesday, the officials said.

Niti Aayog building sealed

The Niti Aayog building was reportedly closed for two days for thorough disinfection and sanitisation procedure, Ajit Kumar, Deputy Secretary (Administration), NITI Aayog said. Taking all necessary precautions, the administration has sealed the building.

Niti Aayog took to Twitter saying, "An employee working at NITI Bhavan has been detected positive with COVID-19. It was informed to the authorities at 9 am this morning. NITI Aayog is following all the due protocols necessary as per the Ministry of Health guidelines. The building has been sealed."

In a series of tweets, it said, "Disinfection and sanitisation of the building are underway. Contacts of the single covid-positive person have been asked to go on self-quarantine."

(With agency inputs)