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As per a new rumour, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 and Apple's newest iPhone 7 could be launched in India on the same day on Oct.7. At this point in time, it is worth noting that Samsung will resume sales of the Galaxy Note 7 from Sept.28 and newer units of the smartphone with corrected batteries are expected to be offered.

Now, as per a report in The Mobile Indian, there is a strong possibility of Samsung and Apple releasing their two important flagships on the same day by keeping in mind the practicalities of the release schedule in India. However, these developments are yet to go official and remain only as rumours at this point in time. Therefore, both Samsung and Apple loyalists are advised to take these developments with a pinch of salt till there is an official confirmation from both the companies.

Nonetheless, what is official at this point in time are the details related to the key technical specifications of both the smartphones. Even the pricing details of the high-end handsets are yet to be officially announced.

Samsung offers full refund to Galaxy S7 Edge customers after phone blast

A Facebook post by the customer, Weng Briones, now going viral states that Samsung obliged him and issued a full refund on his Galaxy S7 Edge that reportedly exploded on its own without any external influences/trigger. Weng has also praised the after-sales service of Samsung. This incident joins an earlier one in which a man was said to be injured when a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, kept in his pocket, suddenly exploded causing third-degree burns.