A day's sale of liquor in Karnataka after the lifting of the lockdown ban on its sale went much higher than it was expected to be. Over 1,500 liquor outlets across the state sold more than 12.4 lakh litres of liquor within 10 hours on Monday, 4 May.

People line-up as liquor shops open in Bengaluru from today

Rs 45 crore revenue earned

According to the excise department, Rs 45 crore revenue was earned through Monday's sale. This includes the sale of 3.9 lakh litres of beer and 8.5 lakh litres of Indian made liquor.

The liquor shops across the state were allowed to open on Monday from 9am to 7pm. Serpentine queues and throbbing crowds were found in front of the stalls right from the break of the dawn.

Most of the customers eagerly waited for the opening of the shops disregarding all aspects of social distancing and many appeared even without wearing a mask.

According to State excise minister H Nagesh, an expectation sale of Rs 25 crore was expected, but this is higher. Of this, as a thumb rule, 40% is from Bengaluru alone, he said to the media.

"People need not rush to make purchases as there is sufficient stock. There are 26.5 lakh boxes of IML and 16.5 lakh boxes of beer, a ten-day stock. From Tuesday liquor prices will rise according to state budget and an additional 6% excise duty will be levied - which will come into the effect from this fiscal," said the minister.

The liquor sales in the state generally go over Rs 65 crore every day according to the officials.

long queues in front of liquor shops

But the state on Monday had allowed the functioning of only two licence holders- take away outlets and MSIL.

Through these outlets only, the state was able to collect the whopping revenue amount within a day!

The excise ministry has fixed the sale of 2.3 litres per person although most of the people purchased more than that so as to keep a stock of it at home. The department has therefore assured the people on the extended operations of the stalls for the coming days too.

The people, all in ecstasy, thanked the Chief Minister and the government officials for letting open the stalls after a period of long 40 days.

While some burnt crackers to commence the liquor stalls reopening, others performed aarthi in front of the shops.