Singer Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez have become the latest addition of celebrities who have been invited for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A report on Variety stated that Lady Gaga will be singing the National Anthem of the country.  Jennifer Lopez will be present for a musical performance as well. on January 20. Since both the singers represent a clear picture of the grand diversity of the US, their presence was welcomed by the recently elected US government. 

Lady Gaga

Earlier, it was announced that Tom Hanks will be the host of the prime time inauguration. The new Joe Biden-Kamala Harris inauguration will reflect Hollywood's love for the Democrats. For nearly four years since 2016, various Hollywood personalities seemed to be heavily disappointed with Trump administration. 

The Biden-Harris inaugural events will reflect Hollywood's embrace of Democrats in general and Biden in particular. Biden, who has been a Democrat senator from US's Delaware, during his term as Vice President under Barack Obama's administration, had developed strong industry relationship. 

Celebs rooting for Biden

Singer Lady Gaga's advocacy of LGBTQ rights and health issues and Jennifer Lopez's work for raising awareness about the disproportionate impact of the novel coronavirus on Latinos both had been well noted by the Biden elected team of administrators. 

Various other celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and young role models such as Danielle Rose Russells had expressed their joy when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's victory had been announced last year in November 2020. Earlier this month Arnold Schwarzeneggar had even condemned the riots which took place at the Capitol.