Kylie Jenner.Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Now we know why Kylie Jenner came close to being the youngest self-made billionaire. The girl has hustle, that's all we can say. Kylie is in business mode.

Following her announcement of a collaboration with Kim Kardashian called, "KKW X Kylie Round 2." The reality TV star and new mother teased her new year calendar by posting extremely provocative and risqué photos. The Polaroid photos have a retro feel to them and we guess that is exactly the look the young entrepreneur was going for.

One of the photos showed Kylie wearing a towel on her head and over her body like she just got out of the pool or shower. She was also showing off some killer bling.

In another one, she wore a black dress that zipped all the way up and covered her chest but had cut-outs from her torso down. She closed her eyes and had her hair slicked back in that one. Looking gorgeous.

In a final picture, Kylie seems to be channelling a Hollywood icon, known for her sex appeal, Marilyn Monroe in a zebra-print bodysuit. It sure seems like Kylie is getting ramped up for Black Friday. She has been promoting her calendar on her Instagram page as well her Kylie Shop Instagram page. The business savvy of the Kardashian clan sure hasn't skipped Kylie.

Travis Scott must be so proud. The pair has been on the road recently, with Kylie supporting her man while he is on tour. #Couplegoals. We are eagerly waiting for both Kylie's calendar as well as "KKW X Kylie Round 2." Both seem like products we would like this Black Friday.

See the steamy pictures here: