Imam Sadiq Mosque after bomb explosion in Kuwait City
Police cordon off the Imam Sadiq Mosque after a bomb explosion during the Friday prayers in the Al Sawaber area of Kuwait City on June 26, 2015.Reuters File

Three Saudi brothers suspected of involvement in the bombing of a Kuwaiti Shia mosque on 26 June have been arrested by Saudi Arabia; one of the suspects was detained after he opened fire on Saudi security forces.

The suicide bomb attack was claimed by Isis, which said it was carried out by a Saudi citizen.

Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Tuesday that one brother was arrested and extradited from Kuwait, another was arrested in Taif near Mecca, while the third brother was apprehended after a shootout with security forces near the Kuwaiti border at Khafji.

The SPA also said that there is a fourth brother as well, who lives in Syria and has joined Isis.

The Saudi Interior ministry, without revealing names, said the three brothers were "parties to the crime of the sinful terrorist bombing that targeted the Imam al-Sadeq mosque in Kuwait."

In the deadly attack on the Imam al-Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City, 27 people were killed and 227 people injured. The suicide bombing was one of the most deadliest carnage the oil-rich nation had witnessed in over a decade.

Recently, both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait announced a joint action plan to tackle the Isis menance, especially after it became clear that several Sunni youths from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were ready to respond to calls from Isis to attack Shia mosques across Gulf countries.

Kuwaiti investigators recently revealed that they were planning to charge at least 40 people, including a number of women, for aiding the Isis-linked suicide bomber, a Saudi national identified as Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen Al Gabbaa.

Saudi Arabia also recently gunned down a mosque bombing suspect, who had killed a security personnel in Taif, before fleeing the scene on 3 June. 

The 32-year-old Saudi man, Yousif Abdulatif Shabab al-Ghamdi, was among the 16 men wanted by the Saudi police in connection with the suicide bombings at Shia mosques.