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Senior actor Mohan Babu's son Vishnu Manchu has alleged that TDP leader Kutumba Rao has been intimidating and threatening the management of his educational institution Vidyanikethan.

Vishnu Manchu took to his Twitter account to complain that he is getting threats from political bots. He said that he is not scared of them. The Dynamite actor tweeted, "Silly Bots; @twitter please look into all the dumb political bots leaving messages and threatening our family on Twitter. I am still a long way from getting scared bruh. Long freaking way. Bloody arm chair silly fellows."

Vishnu Manchu also alleged that Kutumba Rao threatening the management of his educational institution. He tweeted, "Why is Mr.Kutumba Rao calling the member of Vidyanikethan management and intimidating/ threatening him? Before he denies, ask him to show his call records. Someone put a leash on him."

The actor also held a poll, requesting his followers for their advice on taking legal action against Kutumba Rao. He had two options like - Should I go legally? and ignore him? Over 2500 people cast their votes in this survey and 72 per cent of them have suggested him to go for legal action.

On March 21, Mohan Babu held a protest against the TDP government in Andhra Pradesh over the non-payment of the fee reimbursement of the students in his college. He tweeted, "Wanted to take a peaceful rally today in Tirupathi protesting the non payment of the fee reimbursement of the students by the Govt.... Police have arrived at our home in Tirupathi and looks like they are not going to allow the rally."

Mohan Babu alleged that the TDP government was to pay the fee reimbursement of Rs 19 crore to his college. He added, "Why is The government not paying the students fee? And the rally I want to is for the students. I don't gain anything from it. 19 crores have been pending and for what? Why isn't the government honoring their commitment????"

It asked when other colleges are keeping quiet, why Mohan Babu was holding a protest for it? Replying to it, Vishnu Manchu had tweeted on March 21, "Father has never been a person who can be bullied. He taught us to challenge bullies. Why other college owners are not talking about the fee reimbursement, only they can answer. Either they are scared of the big bullies or in bed with them."