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Netizens are celebrating Kummanam's first ride in Metro with the hashtag #KummnanamidapettuPMO/Twitter

As Kerala celebrated the launch of Kochi Metro, its first Metro rail connectivity, something once again caught the attention of social media. It was the free ride of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Kummanam Rajashekaran in the Metro that has become the talk since his name was not on the list of dignitaries released earlier.

Netizens are celebrating Kummanam's first ride in Metro with hashtag #Kummnanamidapettu (Kummanam intervened). The arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the inaugural ceremony of Kochi Metro had stirred a controversy after the Prime Minister Office (PMO) excluded the name of 'Metro Man' E Sreedharan from the list of dignitaries. His name was later included along with Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala after a letter was written to the PMO by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayai Vijayan.

However, the state BJP has been trying to take the credit for the move and claimed on different occasions that it was the intervention of Kummanam that made the PMO review the list of dignitaries to share the dais with PM Modi. It is this that seems to have irked netizens as Kummanam's name was equally not included.

It may also be recalled that Kummanam is not the first leading figure from the BJP to be the target of social media trolls and memes. When BJP national president Amit Shah visited Kerala recently, hashtag #AlavalathiShaji, the famous dialogue of late Malayalam actor Jayan "Ne alleda alavathi Shaji?" (Aren't you the uncouth Shaji?") welcomed him.

Here are some of the memes and funny comments on Kummanam Rajashekaran that are doing the rounds on social media.

Kummanam should intervene to get pension to E Sreedharan

Modi: "Lemme take the ride, you wait here.

Kummanam: Nop, I will not go. You will have to take me also."

Metro in Somalia is being inaugurated after #Kummanamidapettu

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