Pawan Kalyan with KTR
Pawan Kalyan with KTRTwitter

KTR aka K Taraka Ramarao has given a sharp reaction to Pawan Kalyan, saying that Telangana Rashtra Samiti has neither a business in Andhra Pradesh nor is it interested in doing anything for the people of the state.

Andhra Pradesh is set to go for Assembly elections on April 11 and all the leading political parties are busy with the campaigns. Before leaving for filing the nomination in Bhimavaram, Pawan Kalyan said that he is completely unbiased and does look at one's cast and religion. He is a peace lover and promises to give peaceful governance if voted for the power in the state.

Soon after this speech on Friday, a clip, which apparently featured a portion of his speech, created a lot of buzz on social media. In this video, Pawan Kalyan was seen telling the crowd that caste and religious differences have led the people of AP fight among themselves and that people from AP are beaten up in Telangana.

KTR, who was apparently hurt with this statement, took to Twitter on Friday to react sharply to powerstar Pawan Kalyan's statement. He slammed the Jana Sena Party chief saying that this kind of rhetoric creates undesirable negativity.

Pawan Kalyan with KTR's father KCR
Pawan Kalyan with KTR's father KCRTwitter

Besides sharing the link of the alleged video, KTR tweeted: "Dear Pawan Kalyan garu. I hope this was misrepresentation of your thoughts. As you're aware, Telangana is home to people from 29 states who are living harmoniously ever since formation of the state. I am sure you agree with me that this sought of rhetoric creates undesirable negativity."

Later, KTR also spoke to the media about this issue and said, "Pawan Kalyan's farmhouse is here (Telangana). He is living here and also put up candidates here. He can come and campaign here. One year back, he heaped praises on KCR saying that there is peace and harmony prevailing here. What happened all of sudden now? Since we have done well, even Andhra origin settlers have voted for us."

KTR added, "We have no business in Andhra Pradesh Politics. We do not have any benefit whosoever is in Power in Andhra Pradesh. We are not in the race of Andhra Pradesh Elections. Whatever happens, it is our neighbouring state. We have no business in Andhra Pradesh nor interested in doing anything for the people there."

Many followers of Pawan Kalyan, who are upset with KTR, slammed him for his reaction on this propaganda video released by Telugu TV news channel ABN. They also recalled him how he had thrashed this TV channel on Twitter during the campaigning for Telangana Assembly elections.

A fan with Twitter handle @gowrav_pk wrote, "His words are misleaded by ABN sir. Please do watch the full video and come to conclusion. thank you!

Another fan named Sushma tweeted, "Sir, You were the ones who banned Tv9 and ABN in Telangana previously right!! How come you consider their negative propoganda now?