Lord Mahavir
Pictured: Children from the Jain community raise their hands to offer prayers to Lord Mahavir on the death anniversary of Jain saint Chandrasekhar Maharaj in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad July 22, 2012.REUTERS/Amit Dave

Kshamavani Parva is one of the most significant days for the followers of Jainism, as it is the day of forgiving and seeking forgiveness.

Kshamavani Parva is marked on the last day of the annual Paryusana Parva, which is observed in the Bhadra month of the Hindu calendar (between August and September, according to the Gregorian calendar). Paryusana Parva ends with the practice of forgiving each other and this year the day of forgiveness will fall on Aug. 26.

On the last day, i.e. on Kshamavani Parva, people from the Jain community will chant the phrase "Micchami Dukkadam" (May all my faults be dissolved) â€“ to seek forgiveness. On this day, every member of the Jain community will approach their friends, relatives and family members seeking forgiveness for the mistakes they committed knowingly and unknowingly.

They also recite prayer on this day:

Khamemi savva jive,

Savve jiva khamantu me,

Mitti me savva bhooesu,

 Veram majjha na kenai.

I grant forgiveness to all living beings,

May all living beings grant me forgiveness;

My friendship is with all living beings,

My enmity is non-existent.

Let there be peace, harmony, and prosperity for all.

 Below are a few messages to send it to your friends, relatives and family members seeking forgiveness, as compiled by Jain4Jian.com. 

  • Knowingly or unknowingly, by action or speech, words or deeds, If I have ever hurt you, then with humble heart folded hands UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • By our deeds,words or behaviour if we have hurt you and your feelings, then we bow down to you with folded hands for forgiveness with true feelings and no malice on this day of KSHMAWANI.
  • On the day of UNIVERSAL FORGIVENESS, I sincerely apologize for all my deeds, words, or imperceptibly which might have hurt you. Please forgive and forget. UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • Jane anjane mein hamare dwara hui bhulo ke liye hum hriday se dono hath jodkar kshama prathi hai.UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • Chamabhav rakhte hue 'PARYUSHAN' mahaparva par hum aapse Mann, Vachan, aur Kaay se, "CHAMA YACHNA" Karte Hai. JAI JINENDRA!
  • On the auspicious occasion of Jains today on kshamavani yachna from all for hurting the feelings of anyone knowingly or unknowingly in any form viz, mentally, verbally or physically (man, vachan or kaya se) directly or indirectly in any form of unpleasant happenings. I also forgive all living beings that have caused any pain and suffering to me. Forgive snd Forget! Jai Jinendra.