Kashmir Power Workers Demand Action on Safety and Recognition
Kashmir Power Workers Demand Action on Safety and Recognition

Employees of the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) have raised concerns about their safety and recognition within the organization. Despite their dedicated efforts in ensuring uninterrupted power supply, conducting inspections, and collecting fees during emergencies, many non-Gazetted employees feel neglected and undervalued by the administration, International Business Times has learned.

The main problem is that ground staff members are not given enough credit or promotions, despite the fact that they are essential to the upkeep of the power distribution system. Engineers are frequently promoted, but non-gazetted employees who perform maintenance, fault rectification, and disconnect inspections have been disregarded for decades, sources have revealed.

This discrepancy has led to a sense of demoralization among ground workers, who believe their contributions are not being adequately acknowledged by the administration. Despite being hailed as "unseen heroes" and essential frontline workers during crises, such as natural disasters, they feel sidelined in terms of career advancement and recognition.

Serious safety concerns raised

Moreover, safety concerns have been raised regarding the inadequate provision of safety equipment and its usage in the field. Reports suggest that expired safety gear, such as gloves and helmets, are still being utilized by field workers, putting their lives at risk. Despite the inherent dangers of their job, the lack of proper safety protocols and equipment further exacerbates the precarious nature of their work.

Kashmir Power Workers Demand Action on Safety and Recognition
Kashmir Power Workers Demand Action on Safety and RecognitionReuters

In light of these pressing issues, employees are calling on the KPDCL administration, as well as the Lieutenant Governor and the principal secretary of power, to address their grievances and take concrete steps to ensure their safety and well-being. This includes implementing a fair and transparent promotion policy, providing updated safety equipment, and recognizing the invaluable contributions of ground personnel to the organization.

The situation is further complicated by the recent social media campaign initiated by KPDCL to identify electricity thieves. While the campaign aims to curb theft and promote accountability, it has received mixed reactions from the public. While some applaud the initiative, others argue that publicly naming offenders could put field workers at risk, especially in areas with high rates of electricity theft.

The KPDCL administration's response to these concerns will be closely monitored by both employees and the public. As the debate surrounding the welfare and recognition of ground personnel continues, it is imperative for the administration to prioritize their safety and well-being, ensuring that they receive the recognition and support they rightfully deserve. Failure to address these issues could further exacerbate existing tensions and undermine the morale of essential frontline workers within the organization.