Kona Venkat and DVV Danayya
Kona Venkat and DVV DanayyaTwitter

Popular scriptwriter Kona Venkat, who has created several robbery scenes in some Telugu films, became a victim of one in real life on Thursday night.

Kona Venkat, along with producer DVV Danayya, was robbed when they were returning home from the birthday bash of actor Prakash Raj, who turned 50 on 26 March. The scriptwriter himself confirmed the news via Twitter. He said that the robbers threatened them with knives and took away their belongings on the highway near Shadnagar.

In a series of tweets, Kona Venkat narrated the whole incident and how it left him shocked. The writer posted, "A very shocking moment for me & our producer Danayya garu, when we got looted at knife point by some highway robbers last night at Shadnagar."

Kona Venkat further tweeted, "This incident happened as we are returning from Prakashraj's birthday party at his farm house last night. The robbers cut one tree.. and blocked the road and as we stopped the vehicle with an axe they broke the driver's window and opened the doors and put a large knife. On my throat and demanded to give everything we had. Took everything from us and left. What's happening to this city?"

A complaint has been filed with the police and investigation is going on in the matter. Kona Venkat wrote, "Police are still investigating the case and I hope they nab the criminals soon.. I was told by the police that similar incidents happened. Earlier in the same route and they couldn't catch the criminals.. I hope the new state doesn't become a crime zone.."

Kona Venkat cautioned people who are travelling on Shadnagar and Kesampet road. He tweeted, "For all those who travel frequently on shadnagar- kesampet road in the night be cautious.A professional &dangerous robbers gang is out there."