Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Salman Khan

We had recently told you about how owing to his professional failures, Shah Rukh Khan has decided to stay away from his closest buddy Karan Johar's chat show, Koffee with Karan, this year. However, this latest piece of information might make you breathe a huge sigh of relief.

As per a report in DC, since Shah Rukh Khan is not willing to grace the coffee couch this year, Karan Johar is opting to go for Salman Khan for his finale episode. This is owing to the fact that the last time Salman Khan attended the show, it had generated a phenomenal response. So, there is no better name and bigger option than Salman Khan to bring the show to an outstanding end.

As per the same report, things have not been going that smooth and strong between Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan of late. Reason? Karan Johar favouring other stars when he could have put a conscious effort in reviving Shah Rukh's career, with whom he has given the biggest hits of his career.

Johar's preference towards Akshay Kumar, extending a hand of friendship towards Ajay Devgn, inviting Aamir Khan to his show are some of the things which might have not gone down too well with the 'Baadshah of Bollywood'.

On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan is well aware of the fact that his career has hit a roadblock and he needs to make some challenging and wise decisions to resurrect his acting career at the box office. Not only does he want to focus on his films and projects completely but also has decided to not bring art into commercial films anymore.

Whether or not Salman Khan chooses to replace Shah Rukh remains to be seen.